Lotto Winners Put Family First

They say that it's better to give than to receive - although if you're the lucky recipient of a huge lotto jackpot, you can afford to enjoy both! While many lotto winners embark on the spending spree of a lifetime after banking their millions, there are just as many who choose to support their loved ones as well, giving money to family and friends, and helping those close to them in times of need.

While we love stories of luxury and extravagance, we love stories like these as well - heart-warming lotto tales that remind us that when all's said and done, family is what truly matters. And that's exactly what these recent lotto winners realised, when they found out their lives would never be the same.

Lotto winner puts family's medical bills at the top of his list

Forget houses, cars, holidays and designer clothing - when Billy Aliff won $2 million on the US Powerball, he had more than material purchases on his mind. Instead, his first priority was helping his family - after coming to terms with his win, that is.

“I’m just shocked,” Billy says, his luck at matching four Powerball numbers and the Power Play still sinking in. “On Saturdays I play my $3 and I pick my own numbers by random. My daughters always think it’s funny, because I always close my eyes and pick them. It’s just hard to explain how you feel. That’s a lot of money.”

With his father in need of funds, and his grandfather in need of expensive cancer treatment and undergoing chemo, a lot of money is exactly what the Aliff family needs - and exactly what Billy is more than willing to provide. “I hope it makes it easier", says Billy, "but I know with money comes a whole lot of responsibility.”

It seems as if you're taking care of your responsibilities more than admirably Billy - congratulations on your win, and best of luck to you and your family for the future!

Billy Aliff

Family man describes lotto win as "a blessing"

From one family-oriented lotto winner to another - and this time to a $10 million jackpot as well! That's what roofer and handyman Dale Summey found himself in possession of when holding his lucky lotto ticket - while sitting at the same bench where he and his wife would discuss their lotto fantasies.

Now with the funds to make those dreams of luxury living a reality, Dale and his wife are still understandably in shock. “It feels wonderful,” says Dale. “But it is still hard to believe…it’s wonderful and it’s a blessing.” After holding onto his winning ticket for four days before discovering just how much it was really worth, Dale finally chose to cash it, taking the lump sum worth $4.1 million after tax. And how does he plan on spending his new-found windfall? On his family, his son and his parents, spreading his good fortune amongst his loved ones, and multiplying his blessings exponentially at the same time.

Dale Summey

If you'd like to show your family how much they mean to you, or help out a friend in need, a multi-million jackpot will help give your loved ones all the support they need and more. Simply buy your lotto ticket at in time for this week's big draws, and you could soon be making not just your own, but someone else's dreams come true as a result.

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