Couple Who Won $900000 Bought Lotto Ticket After Speaking to A Psychic

A couple from Perth, Australia are celebrating a $900,000 lottery win following their decision to buy a lottery ticket after visiting a local psychic.

A couple from Perth's eastern suburbs are still in shock after they collected a $900,000 jackpot prize following the advice of a local psychic who advised them they would be winning a large sum of money soon.

They bought their first ticket which won a small amount of money, and then used that money to buy another ticket for a weekend draw. It was that draw that saw them claim the $900,000 jackpot.

'It was totally out of the blue," they told local Australian news, explaining that they aren't regular lottery players. 'I always thought if we won it would be high fives and champagne, but instead we sat there like stunned mullets," is how they explained feeling after winning.

The psychic missed the mark by $100,000 when she predicted they would win anywhere between $500,000 to $800,000. The spokesperson for local Australian lottery operators explained this wasn't the first jackpot win in recent months.

'This week alone I've heard from a player who had their million dollar ticket in their glove box for a month and another who has used the same numbers for 31 years," said the spokesperson.

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