Woman Loses Her Lunch After Hearing Jackpot Winning News

Hitting the jackpot is certainly an exciting moment for any lottery players. But one lucky winner from the USA had a reaction that she may want to forget.

A woman's $10 scratch ticket turned into a $300,000 payday after she matched enough numbers to take home the jackpot. But it was her reaction to the win that really makes this story special.

Upon seeing that she had won the jackpot, she became hysterical, excited and eventually threw up. “I was going through so many emotions,” the winner said in the release. “It was a big relief when I finally cashed in that winning ticket.”

She says that the news hasn't completely sunk in yet, and that she is still processing what the money will mean for her. “I get butterflies just thinking about it,” she said.

The winner has chosen to stay anonymous as South Carolina is one of the few states in the USA that allows lottery winners to stay anonymous. She says that she plans on using her winnings for home renovations and plans on treating her family to a vacation.

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