Use Mathematics To Win The Lottery

Every lottery player alive knows that the lottery involves numbers. But can a better understanding of numbers and mathematics help you win the lottery?

The science of probability theory helps us understand the likelihood of a particular event occurring in a fixed number of possible outcomes. The probable outcomes in each lottery depends on how big the number pool is and how many individual numbers you are asked to pick. Unpack the basics of probability theory by watching the below video.

The law of averages is a principle that can help you better understand how lottery odds work. This can help you better understand your return on investment when it comes to buying bulk lottery tickets and how to improve your chances at winning in the different prize tiers. Lottery experts regularly use the law of averages when formulating their various winning strategies.

Watch the below video to see how the volume of lottery tickets played in each draw will influence the likelihood of winning.

After you've had a look at the above videos you should be able to apply the information to your lottery game. More specifically, you should have a better understanding on how the quantity of tickets affect your odds, what prize tier structures should mean to you and how a lottery's number range can affect your likelihood of winning the jackpot.

Remember that the content in the above videos will not guarantee you a lottery win, but rather they will give you a better understanding on how you can tip the odds in your favour.

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