There's something to be said for beginner's luck, especially when it comes to winning huge lottos. While there's just as much chance of a long-time lotto player hitting the jackpot, we're fairly inundated with stories of players who've won giant lotto prizes after their first or second attempt.

That's exactly what happened with a work syndicate in Ireland, who managed to scoop a fantastic lotto win after playing the EuroMillions lottery exactly twice! That's some giant lotto luck right there.

Luck of the Irish nets giant lotto win for syndicate

We wouldn't have thought pet food to be particularly lucky, but it turned out to be highly fortuitous for a 38-member work syndicate from the pet food production company, C&D Foods, in Edgeworthstown, Ireland. That's because after playing in just their second EuroMillions draw ever, the delighted syndicate managed to walk away with a fantastic €500,000 lotto win!

Syndicate leader, Helen Whelan, explains: “We only started playing last Friday when the jackpot rose to a guaranteed €100m. I went around and got €2 off everyone. So, we played again on Tuesday, and would you believe it, we won big!”

With 38 members ranging from 23 to 50 years old, everyone has different plans for their €13,157.89 share, some choosing to pay for weddings, some to replace cars, and some, such as Helen, doing "a bit of everything", with "a holiday and a few nice purchases!” Congrats to the C&D syndicate, and if you're ever looking to add more members, we know just to find them!

Play for giant lotto wins with your own EuroMillions syndicate!

If you've ever considered forming your own syndicate of work colleagues, family or friends, there's no time like the present - because the EuroMillions jackpot is up to a staggering €129 million for tonight's draw!

That's the good news - the even better news is that there's still time for you to enter! All you have to do is put your syndicate together, then logon and buy your lottery tickets online with It's quick, it's easy, and according to statistics, it's one of the best ways to guarantee yourself a huge lotto win! A full 25% of all lottery jackpots won are claimed by syndicates, so you're in with a fantastic winning chance!

And it's not just the EuroMillions you'll be able to play for - because at, we offer syndicate play on the US Powerball and Mega Millions too. What's more, if you want all the tickets, all the time, join our exclusive MegaPower or DoubleEuro syndicates and get the best of two US or two European lotteries all in one rewarding syndicate package! All the huge lotto action you love, and none of the fuss.

As you can see, it pays to play as a syndicate with So what are you waiting for? The massive €129 million EuroMillions draw takes place in just a few short hours! Get your syndicate together and get your tickets while there's still time, and who knows - you could all be calling in to resign by Monday! There's never a dull moment - not when you play giant lottos with!

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