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11 December 2014

The Weekend Lottery Jackpots Are Here

It's the weekend baby! And if you're a lottery fan, that means more than letting your hair down on a Friday night - it means buying your lottery ticket for your chance to share in all the weekend jackpot action!

If you're a EuroMillions or UK National Lottery player, you'll know that this is one of the best weekends to get your game on. That's because these popular lotteries are still in search of their big winners, having each rolled over not once, not twice but three times! It's disappointing to buy a ticket and see the jackpot go unclaimed, yes - but the more each jackpot rolls over, the more there is for you to win!

And thanks to that oh-so-sound logic, this weekend will see tonight's EuroMillions stand at a staggering £25 million, while Saturday's UK Lotto has a cool £11.2 million in the bag for you. And while the EuroMillions lottery jackpot may be more than twice that of the Lotto, the odds of winning the Lotto are actually better - which means your account could soon be jam-packed with bank notes. 11.2 million to be exact!

So before you get your Friday night glad rags on, make sure you get to buying that winning lottery ticket online at and stake your claim to the Christmas millions!

But before you start checking the newspaper for villas on the French Riviera and hiring your personal staff, it might be a good idea to review just how each of these lotteries are played. No use daydreaming about that 100-foot yacht if you're not even in the draw.

The UK National Lottery has made over 3 700 millionaires in the past 20 years, and if you play this weekend, you could soon be part of that illustrious winning number. To play the Lotto (as it's also known), all you need to do is choose 6 numbers from a possible 49. Get all 6 correct, and that jackpot is yours! Match 5 and get the bonus ball, and you'll qualify for the second tier prize, which is nothing to sneeze at either. And hey, even if you only match 3 numbers, you'll still walk away with £25. Not bad for a couple seconds' work!

The EuroMillions lottery works a little differently. Here you'll need to pick 5 main numbers from 1 to 50, as well as 2 Lucky Star numbers between 1 and 11. To hit the jackpot, you'll need to match all 7 of those numbers - which sounds almost impossible, but has been done before, even to the record tune of €190 million! Worth playing for?

Now you've got all the facts, all you need to do is get your lottery ticket online at so you're in the running for this weekend's lottery jackpot giveaways. Play for £25 million on the EuroMillions tonight, or £11.2 million on the UK National Lottery tomorrow, and make your mega millionaire dreams come true!



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