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27 November 2015

The Ultimate Shopping List: Lotto Winners Share Their Favourite Purchases

We can't even imagine what it must be like to win the lottery for real - but there are plenty of actual lottery winners out there who know first-hand how incredible it truly is. Not just the elation at winning, but the immediate security and peace of mind that come hand-in-hand with such sought-after financial freedom. And then of course after that's sunk in, there's the joy of being able to buy whatever your heart desires - and having the rest of your life to enjoy it in!


This year the UK National Lottery is celebrating 21 years of making millionaires, and as part of the festivities, some of the lotto's previous winners were called upon to share the story of their favourite jackpot purchases so far. Take a look at just how high some of the Lotto's past winners have been flying, and get in on the jackpot winning action yourself at today!


Life's A Beach! 

Carol Worral, 68, lottery winner

Alright no, this winner didn't actually buy a beach - but close enough! A £15,000,000 winner in 2006, Carol Worral's top purchase since claiming her cash has been a beach hut, on Old Hunstanton Beach in Norfolk. 'I’ve always loved the colourful beach huts which sit on the sand,' says Carol, 'so when a friend said she was selling her beach hut three years ago, I snapped it up for £25,000. It took us a year to paint and decorate, and although [my husband] and I have cruised around the world, the best view of all is from my beloved beach hut, watching the sun go down.' Colour us jealous!


A Round On The House

John Walsh lottery winner

Another winner who invested in a new living space is John Walsh - although instead of using part of his £6.5 million jackpot to purchase a beach house, he went one better and became the house, by transforming part of his home into a genuine pub. 'This house used to belong to a physiotherapist and had a huge reception and treatment room,' he says. 'When [my wife and I] knocked down walls and saw how much space we had, we thought it would be great fun to build our own bar complete with pool table and dart board. We found a bell from the old school we both attended in Scotland Road, Liverpool, which sits on the bar. These wonderful reminders of our past are around us as we drink to our future.' Three cheers to that!  


On Your Marks, Get Set, Race!

Susan Herdman lottery winner 

It seems that winning the lottery has the side effect of bringing out the daredevil in people - that is, if these two lotto winners' stories are anything to go by! After winning £1,182,714 on the Lotto in 2010, mother Susan Herdman embraced her inner speed demon and bought a custom-made Autograss racing car worth £25,000 - eventually racing it to victory in 2014 as she became the overall British Ladies’ Autograss Champion!

Geraldine Bradley 46 lottery winner

Geraldine Bradley can identify - as after winning her own £3,570,063 prize in 2006, she bought herself a £7,000 600cc Honda, despite never having ridden one before. 'Now, every weekend I don my motorbike leathers and go riding for hours,' says Geraldine. 'Bikes are my passion. We own six, and there’s one sitting in our new kitchen extension at the moment. We even had the topiary hedges in our grounds shaped to look like a Harley Davidson.' Talk about life in the fast lane!


Check back tomorrow as we bring you more outrageous stories of winners and their jackpot loot - and in the meantime, buy your lotto tickets online from and start working on your own ultimate fantasy shopping list!


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