How lucky a person would you consider yourself? Do you often play the lottery and win, even if it's just the lower tier prize? Do you enter raffles and competitions and sweepstakes and come out on top? Or is your luck bank account severely in the red?

While some people seem to be incredibly lucky when it comes to lotteries and competitions, others (us included) seem to find it that much harder to strike it rich, despite entering every competition known to man. Which makes lottery stories like this all the more annoying!

Mayo farmer wins a million

Playing the Irish Daily Million game seemed like a long shot for one West Ireland farmer, which is why after purchasing his Quick Pick ticket for the Monday night draw, he then left it in his unlocked car and thought no more about it.

A few days later, however, he was reminded of his purchase when he heard that a winning ticket for the million Euro prize had been bought exactly where his ticket had been purchased - Balla, Castlebar, in County Mayo.

The farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, explains: "Yesterday I heard that a winning ticket was sold in Balla, where I bought my Daily Million ticket. The ticket had been laying in the car since Monday, which was unlocked. So I looked the numbers up on the Lottery website and then went out to the car to get the ticket. When I saw the first number, I just knew – I was delighted!" We'd be delighted too if we bought one lottery ticket for €1.50 and ended up winning €1 million. Talk about a return on investment!

Just as any lucky lottery winner would, the newly-made millionaire already has spending plans in place for his windfall. “There’ll be a few things – holidays, maybe a new car, and we’ll put the kids through their education", he says. "It’s an amazing feeling when your six numbers match up. I can’t describe it – it’s like a dream!”

A big congratulations from us that's for sure, but we have to wonder, would fate be so lucky if we'd left our winning lottery ticket in the car overnight - with the door unlocked as an extra bonus? Knowing our luck, we'd probably come back to find the ticket gone, and maybe even the car as well. It just goes to show that if fortune's in your favour, you're going to reap the benefits of good luck, no matter what the circumstance.

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As you can see, whether you're in need of a little luck, or have your lucky charms already working overtime, playing the lottery with is a safe bet. Simply buy your lottery tickets online, cross your fingers, and wait for that all-important call to come through and give you the best news of your life!

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