Shop Till You Drop At The World's Biggest Malls

This might sound lame, but we LOVE going to shopping malls! All the stores we enjoy, all in one convenient place, and fabulous restaurants to relax in when our feet start complaining. A weekend without a bit of retail therapy is just a waste - at least that's what we say.

So it stands to reason that as soon as we win the lottery, one of the first things we'll be doing is hitting the malls in style. But not just any malls - the world's biggest malls, specifically in the Middle East! Not only will we get to travel (first class obviously darling), we'll get to spend our lottery millions in marble, air conditioned heaven, surrounded by the finest merchandise money can buy. And if you're in the colossal malls of the Middle East, your money will be able to buy a lot:

Abu Dhabi Mall, Abu Dhabi: 200 shops

If Abu Dhabi was good enough for the gals of Sex and the City, it's good enough for us - especially when it's home to a shopping mecca like the Abu Dhabi Mall. Packed with over 200 shops and playing host to over 40,000 visitors every day, the Abu Dhabi Mall is an endless fascination of clothes, jewellery, fragrances, accessories, home interiors and more, with something for every member of the family to enjoy.

Abu Dhabi Mall

Mercato Shopping Mall, Dubai 140 shops, 2.4 million square feet

Dubai's Mercato Shopping Mall may not have as many shops as the Abu Dhabi Mall, but what it lacks in retail offerings, it more than makes up for in floor space. Boasting a massive 2.4 million square feet of shopping, it's every mall lover's fantasy, from its Italian Renaissance architecture to its modern clothing and homeware brands. Come for a quick shop, stay for the day, and keep returning time and time again.

Mercato Mall

Festival Waterfront Centre, Dubai: 600 shops, 2 million square feet

This is one trip to the mall you won't forget - and not just because you'll have 600 shops to choose from. No, this is a festival in every sense of the word, from man-made canals and abra (water taxi) rides to a fountain-cum-staircase, hotels, golf resort and outdoor performance areas too! The Festival Waterfront Centre in Dubai is so much more than a shopping mall - and so much of what we want to experience with our lotto millions in hand!

Festival Waterfront Centre

Dubai Mall, Dubai: 1,200 shops, 13 million square feet

Got your comfy walking shoes on? If not, you're going to need them, because the biggest mall in the world awaits - the Dubai Mall (in Dubai, obviously), home to 13 million square feet of retail and shopping paradise! We'll say that again in case you didn't catch it the first time - 13 million square feet! If you're having a hard time imagining what that looks like, just visualise 1,200 of the world's most popular stores - and then add on an ice skating rink, aquarium, underwater zoo, theme park, dinosaur skeleton, and almost as many restaurants as there are countries in the world! Forget New York or Paris - this is our ultimate destination for when we hit the lotto jackpot - so if you'll excuse us, we have tickets that we need to be buying!

Dubai Mall

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