When it comes to selecting lotto number combinations, we've pretty much heard it all. We've read stories of people using their anniversaries and birthdays, old street numbers, house numbers and hotel numbers - always the most common choices. Then there are the not so common choices - license plate numbers, sports jersey numbers, lucky horoscope numbers, and sometimes even numbers that come to players in a dream. And believe it or not, each of these outlandish strategies has worked for a lotto jackpot winner at one time or another.

However the latest lucky number selection method that came to our attention is one that had even us scratching our heads in disbelief. It's original, that's for sure - but whether or not it's a long-term lotto strategy remains to be seen. That's because in a remote area of Thailand, two myna birds are receiving increasing attention for their apparent ability to predict lotto numbers! Yes, you read that correctly. Birds.

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Looking for lotto numbers in the most unusual of places

It's not every day that you hear about a pair of birds being hailed as the next best thing in the lottery industry, but the story of these magic mystics is spreading far and wide throughout Thailand, with visitors lining up in their droves to hear the birds' next lucky lotto prediction.

So how exactly can a pair of birds predict the lotto numbers? One villager thinks he knows - and has the winning ticket to prove it. Earlier this year, he heard the two birds begging for a banana, which he gave them on the joking condition that they give him the winning lotto numbers. After replying with a bird call that sounded like the number "57", the villager played the two digits - which shockingly turned out to be the numbers that won him a lottery prize!

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News of the villager's good fortune spread, to the extent that what was once a small, quiet village in the Thai district of Ratcahburi is now a town packed with visitors all desperate to hear the birds' latest prediction. In fact, the area has become so busy that the nearby plantation has been transformed into a market, providing food and drink for the lotto travellers.

The myna birds' success has even reached the ears of local reporters, who have been arriving at the birds' plantation home for news on any further predictions. So far no further wins have been attributed to the birds' choice of numbers, however the 100 or so people at the site believe that their interpretation of the birds' latest prediction, 2-9-4-5, will be a lucky one.

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The choosing of lotto numbers has always been more of an art than a science, so if relying on the translation of bird calls is what you think will net you the win you've been looking for, then we say go for it! In fact, with the weekend lottery draws coming up, now might be the perfect time to play the birds' prediction of 2-9-4-5 - with a few of your own numbers thrown in for good measure.

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