McDonalds Worker Inherits £70,000 In Lottery Winnings From Grandad He Had Never Heard From

It sounds like the beginning of a lottery scam; you get a call telling you that you've inherited a large sum of money from a recently passed relative that you had never heard from. But for one lucky McDonalds worker this news was 100% real.

For his entire life Nick Christou had never heard anything about his grandfather, so he was incredibly surprised to hear that he had left him £70,000 in lottery winnings in his will.

"My mum never discussed my grandfather so we went our entire lives to date thinking we didn’t have one," Nick, 31, said. The first he heard about his estranged grandfather was when his grandmother told him that there a letter for him looking for family of his recently deceased grandfather.

The letter said that he may be eligible to inherit his late grandfather's estate which may be around £5000 - £6000. He didn't think much of it and didn't take action until he heard a month later that the estate may be much larger than what he was initially told.

Nick's late grandfathers lawyers found an account with £70,000 in it, his grandfather's share of a major lottery syndicate win that he had claimed shortly before he had passed away.

The first thing he did was go on a long overdue honeymoon, something he couldn't afford to do before his inheritance. He has also since met other family members from his grandfathers side that he had never met before.

If he hadn't replied to the lawyers letters all of his money would have gone directly to the government, the same way that an estimated £3 billion in unclaimed lottery winnings is claimed by the government every year.

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