Lotto Gran Loses Fortune, Finds Fame!

It may have been a while since we last reported on it, but who could forget the saga of lotto gran Susanne Hinte, who recently claimed to be the missing winner of a massive £33 million jackpot? Of course, no-one could tell if she was being truthful or not, as she claimed to have run her 'winning' ticket through the washing machine, resulting in the date and barcode being missing.

Fake winning ticket

When we first brought you news of the bizarre story, Camelot, the UK Lottery operator was busy investigating the matter further - and now it seems the truth of the lotto laundry ticket has finally come to light. Apparently all the fuss and furore over the washed-up ticket was completely unnecessary - because while lotto investigators were spending their time validating Hinte's claims, the actual winner of the £33 million jackpot came forward with a ticket that was pristine in every way, and so was validated immediately.

What this means is that the massive UK Lotto jackpot of £66 million has now been claimed and split between its two winning parties - the Martins from the Scottish Borders, who claimed their share of the payout in January, and the latest winner who has chosen to remain anonymous at this time. We don't blame them!

In disgrace

So what's become of Susanne Hinte since the news of the actual lotto winner has come to light? Well, as you can imagine, life isn't too rosy for the gran of four at the moment. In fact, she's taken to sleeping on her daughter's couch in order to avoid her neighbours, who are said to be incensed at her fraudulent behaviour.

Susanna Hinte

"Susanne can’t return home because her house is still being targeted by people angry at her", reveals a source. "Her daughter Natasha is letting her sleep at hers, but it’s only temporary until Susanne finds somewhere new to move to."

It's not all doom and gloom for the lotto gran though - as her headline-making behaviour has gained her a certain measure of fame. Already booked to appear on popular UK morning show, Loose Women, she has also found herself a manager and is planning on launching a reality TV career for herself - which could start off with her moving into the Big Brother house.

"She is the most notorious woman in Britain at the minute and she knows there’s money to be made out of that", says the source. "She’s nervous about putting herself right in the limelight, but she wants to cash in. She’s also keen to show the public the real Susanne as she feels she’s been given a raw deal in the media."

While Susanne still hotly denies making any fraudulent claims to the £33 million jackpot, it seems as if losing out on the cash might make her an even bigger winner - if her prospective silver screen career is anything to go by. Which just goes to show - playing the lottery can bring huge rewards to your life, even if not in quite the way you expected.

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