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Online lottery agents are giving their members the opportunity to form syndicates with other players from across the world to play for the biggest jackpots. But before you rush to join a syndicate there are a few things you need to know.

You'll need a name. Every syndicate needs a name that is usually picked by the syndicate manager. Try being creative and pick something that reflects where the syndicate is based or if the syndicate consists of work colleagues try incorporating the name of the business into your syndicate name.

You'll need a manager. You'll need someone to head up the syndicate whose job it will be to collect all the contributions from the rest of the members, purchase the shares for each draw and distribute the winnings among the rest of the syndicate after the draw.

Pay your stake in advance. Remember that before you win you need to play. All syndicate members will have to make sure that their respective stakes are paid to the syndicate manager three weeks before the date of the draw.

Sign the syndicate agreement form. Before your syndicate can play in any lottery the syndicate manager and members will all need to fill out our syndicate agreement form.

You can find a downloadable version of our syndicate agreement form right here.

You can read more here about how lottery syndicates operate and why they are cheaper and offer better odds at winning than if you play individually

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