Recently we reported on a spate of lucky mistakes that saw ordinary lottery players turning into extraordinary lottery winners. Stories like that of Jerry Kajfasz, who won $10 million when a clerk gave him the wrong lottery scratch-off ticket. Or the 11-member syndicate from Australia that bought two lottery tickets by mistake, and ended up winning a tidy $157,474 each!

If you're wondering why things like that never happen to you, the good news is that they could do - and soon too, as this lucky accident trend is one that is showing no signs of slowing down!

Unplanned Powerball purchase nets a cool $1.4 million

Just look at Donald Mason of Antioch, California. Little did he know that a small disappointment would lead to a huge lottery win! But that's exactly what happened on the day he went in to purchase a handful of Scratchers from a local store. Unfortunately for him, the Scratchers he was after were sold out, much to his frustration. With no other choice, he opted to buy two Powerball tickets instead - and was shocked when one of them turned out to be a $1.4 million winner!

As soon as he realised his good fortune, Donald raced back to the store. “I didn’t even tie my shoes”, he remembers. Thank goodness there were no Scratchers that day, since Donald can now finally afford to get his beloved car, "the Bucket", fixed - and do a whole lot more besides!

Wrong lottery ticket, right winning jackpot

There's also the case of Lee Kirk from England, who won £50,000 on the wrong lottery! It may sound unbelievable, but it's 100% true - as Lee found out to his delight.

lee kirk

While buying petrol one day, Lee bought a ticket for the Lotto at the same time - or so he thought. As luck would have it, Lee had actually purchased a EuroMillions ticket instead, and was shocked to realise he had matched five numbers on it.

His wife Lorraine was the one who spotted the mistake, and the win too, and instantly logged on to the National Lottery website to check. Lee was still in disbelief though, until the lottery operators called a few days later to assure him that the win was real, and that the money would soon be in his account.

Aside from savings and home improvements, Lee plans on spending his jackpot win on new cars for his wife and son, as well as treats for their daughter and an overseas family holiday. As Lee says, it may not be a big win for some, but for him it's a fantastic one, wrong lottery ticket and all!

Whether a win comes through a happy accident or not, there's one thing that's never a mistake - and that's a lottery ticket purchase. You have to be in it to win it, and buying your lottery ticket online from is the best way to get in the game. Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, UK Lotto - the choice is yours, and maybe with a bit of luck here or a winning mistake there, the jackpot could soon be yours too!


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