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28 January 2015


The US Mega Millions lottery recently paid out a fantastic $2.5 million to one lucky Pennsylvania local. The only problem was, she hadn't bought a ticket - but she had used her credit card to pay at a participating store. So was it a scam, or a genuine lottery win?

Scam. Complete lottery scam. And luckily, the senior citizen who had been targeted had the good sense to realise its inauthenticity right from the word "Hello". That's because this time she wasn't sent a dodgy email from a Nigerian prince - she was telephoned at her home and personally given the "good news" of her oh-so-fake lottery win.

How to spot a scam lottery call

The first giveaway? The woman on the other end of the line had a foreign accent so thick, she was barely intelligible. Secondly, and most importantly, no lottery ticket had ever been bought - not for the Mega Millions, or any other jackpot win. The Pennsylvania woman targeted brought this to the attention of the caller, saying that a) she had no ticket, and b) if she did, she would have checked her numbers in the local newspaper.

Of course scammers are always ready for situations like these (normally known as common sense), and so the con artist informed the woman that because she had used her credit card at a participating store, such as Walgreens or Wal-Mart, she had automatically been entered into the Mega Millions lottery draw. She then gave the woman a number (with a New York City area code) to call and arrange to have her winnings sent through.

The scammer then hung up, but not before wishing the woman the best of luck with her jackpot win. "I'm not going to have a good time because I'm certainly not going to get it," the woman retorted. And then instead of calling the completely fake number and being conned out of her life's savings, she called the consumer watchdog to report the scam.

lottery scam

How many times have you been the subject of lottery scams? On a daily basis we receive floods of emails, texts, and in the case of the Pennsylvania scam, phone calls telling us that we've won millions in the lottery. Usually these scams are easy to spot by their poor spelling and grammar, obviously fake email addresses, and the small but undeniable fact that YOU DIDN'T BUY A TICKET!

Usually we laugh these mails and texts off hysterically, show them to our colleagues in the office and declare the next round of drinks on us. Occasionally baiters will follow through with the calls or email replies required just to be able to take a pot shot at the scammers themselves. But what if, as a lottery fan, you actually received a scam email from a lottery that you DID sometimes play. Would you be able to recognise it as a fake notification? Or would you spot it from a mile off and trash it? - safe, secure, stress-free lottery play

At, we pride ourselves on our reputation and our security. That's why we have a 100% payout rate, and more happy customers than we can count. And for you to stay happy, and playing the lottery safely, we urge you to stay alert. Be on the lookout for lottery emails asking you to provide personal information, pay an administration (or similar) fee, or to keep your lottery winnings a secret until you have received them. No reputable lottery operator will ever ask you to submit to these conditions, and neither will we. And always, always, remember the golden rule - if you didn't buy a lottery ticket, there's no way you could be a winner.

But there is one very easy way to be a winner with, and that's by purchasing a lottery ticket online with us, quickly, easily, legally and completely worry-free. Buy one for your favourite lottery today and look forward to matching your lucky numbers for a completely genuine, completely massive jackpot win!


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