The weekend's coming up, and with it some fabulous jackpots in our feast of international lotteries! It may be Friday the 13th today but that doesn't mean it's unlucky - in fact, with £18 million and $33 million up for grabs in the EuroMillions and Mega Millions lotteries respectively, tonight could be your winning night! Here's a free tip for you though: perhaps think twice about playing "lucky" number 13 on Friday the 13th - statistics show that 13 is one of the least lucky numbers to come up in lotteries, strangely enough.

If you'd prefer not to play on the 13th though, there's plenty of money still to be won on Saturday the 14th, in the form of £4.1 million in the UK National Lottery and $137 million in the US Powerball! Both of these lotteries have rolled over from their mid-week draws so who knows - perhaps this Saturday it could be you who brings their spiralling jackpots to a halt!

Lucky Lotto number strategies

It's widely documented that the odds of winning the lottery sit at roughly 175,000,000 to one - a fact that often prompts lottery enthusiasts to go above and beyond when choosing their lottery numbers. Birthdays, anniversaries, horoscopes, car license plates, room numbers, ages, old house numbers, sports jerseys - if it has a number, you can be sure it's been used on a lottery ticket somewhere.

We're always on the lookout for new ways to choose lucky number combinations though - anything to give our customers the edge when it comes to winning. That's why we thought you'd be interested to hear about this most recent lottery strategy:

Gadget makes $150,000 Lotto pick

If you've seen The Matrix you may be nervously waiting for the day that the machines take over - but for George Level of Chicago they already have, and in the most exciting way possible! This octogenarian struck it lucky with a lottery ticket from a local gas station - that he bought after consulting with a gadget, of all things.

lottery winner george level

"I have a little gadget that randomly chooses numbers and I had a feeling I should give it a try," says George Level. "I played Lucky Day Lotto with the numbers it selected and I won."

And not just any prize either - a cash jackpot to the value of $150,000, which George will be using to remodel the house left to him by his parents. Congratulations George, and if you have any more gadgets like that lying around at home, we'd be happy to come and take one off your hands!

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As you can see, sometimes beating the lottery odds takes a little out-of-the-box thinking - but we know you've got what it takes to pick a winner! In fact this weekend, why not throw caution to the wind, and use the most out-there strategy you can think of to choose your winning lottery number combination? The weekend is alive with winning possibilities, and a touch of the extraordinary might be all you need to take home an unbelievable jackpot. Just buy your lottery ticket online with GiantLottos.com, and you could soon be making your impossible lottery dream a reality!

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