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24 April 2015


We've heard of many different lotto strategies over the years, from unique ways of choosing lotto numbers to superstitious rituals and the like, but by far the winning lotto strategy that pays out most often is the simplest one - patience.

Yes, that's right, often it doesn’t take fancy number picks or special lotto-winning clothing to get the job done - rather it takes patience and dedication, playing the same numbers week in and week out and investing in your lotto dream with every ticket you buy. At least, that's the strategy that worked for recent EuroMillions winners, Tom and Brenda Nugent!

Great-grandparents become great lotto millionaires

It was business as usual when Tom, 78, bought a EuroMillions ticket for himself and wife Brenda, 73, for the Tuesday night EuroMillions lotto draw. After all as a EuroMillions fan, it was a regular occurrence. In fact, so regular that when Tom checked their numbers after the draw, he was ready to throw their ticket away. “I looked at the numbers and said to myself ‘rubbish as usual’”, he says.

lottery winner tom nugent

But after checking his Millionaire Maker code not once, but four times, he realised that finally their EuroMillions loyalty had paid off - to the tune of £1 million!

Wife Brenda was the first to find out, as Tom rushed upstairs to tell her where she was reading in bed. “We knew we had won, but we didn’t like to say until somebody had told us we’d won,” explains Brenda. After a sleepless night, they phoned the lottery officials the very next day, only to have their huge win confirmed.

“I was just a bit shocked really - you just go numb”, says Tom, while a clear-headed Brenda took the win in her stride - “I just carried on with my washing.”

The Nugents aren't playing it cool anymore though - now that they've gotten used to the idea of being millionaires, they've got plans for their unexpected, yet extremely welcome windfall. For starters they intend on moving out of their home to a bungalow, perhaps buying a red VW Polo, taking some UK mini-breaks, and sharing the wealth with their family.

Tom explains, “Our seven grandchildren were… just over the moon...Things like this don’t happen to people like us, it is a life-changing moment and we are so lucky. The best thing is we can look after our family now which is growing with our five great grandchildren. They are all going on a family holiday to Spain next year which I’m sure we can upgrade for them now.“

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