How The UK's Biggest Lottery Winners Spent Their Winnings

We all like to dream of what we would spend our lottery winnings on, but only a few players ever get to realise those dreams. The UK has had some of the biggest lottery jackpot winners in the world, here's what some of them spent their millions on.

Read below to see some of the biggest lottery-made UK jackpot winners!

Adrian and Gillian Bayford

A list of UK lottery winners wouldn't be complete without Adrian and Gillian Bayford who won the £148 million EuroMillions jackpot in August 2012.

When they bagged their prize Adrian was the co-owner of a local music hall and Gillian was a hospital worker. They found out they had won when they saw that a single ticket had won £148 million, and were floored when they saw that the winning numbers matched their ticket.

The first thing the married couple did after their win was order a pizza and start planning on what to spend their prize on.

With their millions they purchased a Cambridgeshire manor house valued at £6.5 million, which the couple has since moved out of after their divorce.

Nowadays Adrian has moved into a home closer to his children, but still owns a few properties including a number of houses in Scotland.

Total winnings: £148 million EuroMillions jackpot

Dave and Angela Dawes

This UK couple had only ever played the lottery twice in their lives before they won a whopping £101 million EuroMillions jackpot prize in 2011.

When they won the couple had been planning to get married, so the first thing on their shopping list was an expensive wedding in the Bahamas and a new diamond engagement ring for Angela.

They topped off their dream wedding with a luxury skiing honeymoon in Switzerland and a visit to Las Vegas. When the couple arrived home they started buying properties abroad and a penthouse suite in the heart of London.

Total winnings: £101 million EuroMillions jackpot

Dean Waymes

The lucky 24 year old from Peterborough won £10,000 payouts every month for 30 years in a 2019 Set For Life draw. "I'm only 24 and literally set for life," he told local newspaper reporters.

Dean had been working as an Amazon transport agent when he won his prize. He realised that with his winnings he would finally be able to follow his dreams of becoming a Hollywood scriptwriter.

"I've always loved film and studied scriptwriting at university but at the time there was no way I could find a scriptwriting job in the UK...but now I can turn my passion into my job, something I never thought I would be able to do!"

Along with following his careers dreams Dean also put down a deposit on a house and took his family on a dream vacation to Disneyland.

Total winnings: £10,000 payouts Set For Life jackpot

Andy Tibbot

This £50,000 People's Postcode jackpot winner was lucky enough to have his prize delivered in person by X-Factor star Danyl Johnson.

The first thing he did was pay for a knee operation for his wife, who had been struggling with joint ailments for years before their jackpot win.

He told reporters that, "I'd like to pay off a few bills and our summer holiday in Tunisia. It would also be nice to treat my wife and two kids Harry, nine, and Rebecca, 14. Harry has already been browsing the Argos catalogue."

Total winnings: £50,000 People's Postcode jackpot

Richard and Angela Maxwell

When this retired couple found out that they had won £53 million in the EuroMillions they initially thought it may be an elaborate April Fool's joke. But they soon realised it was real and they had been placed on The National Lottery Rich List.

Richard, a retired financial advisor, went to check his tickets after the EuroMillions draw first got excited when he saw that he had matched both bonus numbers, but was floored when has saw he had matched all the numbers to win the jackpot.

The first thing they did with their winnings was take their entire extended family on a luxury holiday trip to New Zealand. They also said that their local community is very important to them, and plan on spending a portion of their winnings funding local charities and other local initiatives.

Total winnings: £53 million EuroMillions jackpot

Gerry and Lisa Cannings

Gerry and Lisa Cannings were both working as teachers when they bagged £32 million in The UK National Lottery in February 2016. The pair waited a week before claiming their winnings, with the winning ticket kept safely away.

The first thing the couple did after collection their winnings was finishing painting their house; a job that had gone unfinished for months.

And Gerry being a keen golf fan decided he would buy a new car large enough to fit his brand new set of golf clubs. The couple are also huge Lord of The Rings fans, and travelled to New Zealand to where the movie was made.

When asked if they planned on doing any more travelling, Gerry added; "We can go anywhere we want, and travel first class too!"

Total winnings: £32 million UK National Lottery jackpot

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