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21 May 2015


We never would have believed it, but it's one of the most common occurrences when it comes to playing the lottery - people not claiming their lotto winnings! If it were us, we'd keep our lotto tickets in an iron-clad safe, check, double-check and re-check our numbers as the lottery draws happen, and then instantly claim our lotto winnings as soon as we knew we were in the money.

A bit of overkill? Perhaps. But it's a far better approach than people unaware of the fact that they have any lotto winnings owing to them in the first place, and then missing out altogether. Just imagine how annoying THAT would be!

£1 million in lotto winnings still unclaimed - not once, but twice!

Take for example the current million-pound mystery in Leicester, England. On 23 December last year, one lucky lottery player struck it rich with a million pounds' worth of lotto winnings in the EuroMillions lottery. Since then, however, no-one has come forward to claim the million-pound prize - and now the clock is ticking as time runs out. With only one month left for the player to come forward and claim their lotto winnings, the lottery world is waiting with bated breath to see if the ticket with the winning lottery numbers will be produced in time or will this be another case of lottery winnings going unclaimed. We only hope it hasn't been thrown out, or gone in with the wash!


A similar lotto dilemma is taking place in Scotland as well - again with £1 million in lotto winnings still standing unclaimed. This time the prize was won on 22 November last year in East Ayrshire, as one lotto player managed to reap the rewards with a winning Lotto code. Unfortunately, time is ticking by even faster for this mystery millionaire, as they have just one week to claim their lotto winnings before they become redistributed and funnelled into National Lottery-funded charities and organisations across the UK.

Claim your lotto winnings easily with

While it's wonderful to know that worthy charitable causes are being supported, we hate to think of anyone missing out on their lotto winnings - which is why we're always urging lotto fans to check, check and check again when their draws take place.

Of course, if you play the lotto online with, you'll never have to worry about missing out on your lotto winnings. That's because whenever you buy your lottery tickets online with us, we'll keep your transaction history safe so you can refer to it at any time. What's more, should you ever make any lucky number matches on your lottery of choice, we'll send you a notification immediately to let you know.

Even better, should you ever hit the jackpot and rake in millions in lotto winnings, your account manager will call you personally to give you the good news! So you'll never miss out on a win, no matter how big or small. And you'll never have to tape your lotto ticket together to claim your winnings, just as one unfortunate lotto winner had to do in Des Moines, Iowa this past week, in order to prove that his $1 million win was legitimate.

That's right - there's no missing out on lotto winnings, no checking down the backs of couches, no Sellotape needed. Just a lottery ticket purchase from, and you can be sure you'll get your winnings on time, every time!

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