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12 January 2015

A winning start to 2015 with uk national lottery

2015 is here and already it's proved lucky for one lottery winner, with the UK National Lottery jackpot being snapped up in an instant last Saturday evening!

Six numbers was what it took to win, and that's exactly what one lucky player did, matching all six main numbers and claiming a very decent £4.8 million prize as a result. If you'd chosen the numbers 13, 14, 16, 24, 41 and 43, you could have also had a share of the jackpot loot and started 2015 with a bang! Or else if you'd chosen five of the numbers, plus the Bonus Ball of 39, you could have walked off with a tidy £130,227 like three other lucky players did. Not too shabby for two minutes' work!

Big winners (and fat bank accounts) aside, 234,331 lottery players in total took home cash prizes following Saturday's Lotto draw - definitely the best way to start the new year! With prizes ranging from £25 for matching three numbers, or £2,168 for matching five, there was something in the draw for everyone - particularly the 50 Lotto Raffle winners who each took home £20,000 for themselves.

All in all Saturday night's draw was a lucrative one, coming at just the right time for those players left empty-handed after the past few rollover jackpots. If you were one of the few Lotto players who missed out this time though, don't worry - there's plenty to go around in Wednesday's mid-week lottery draw. Just buy your lottery ticket online from and you'll instantly be in the running for this week's £2.1 million jackpot! Get those golden six numbers, and you'll soon see seven numbers in your bank account, each one guaranteed to make 2015 your best year yet!

In fact, judging by the Lotto wins this month so far compared with those from December 2014, January seems to be a much better time for winning - so make sure you buy your lottery tickets online now while there's still time. And if you want to double your chances of winning, why not enter the mid-week EuroMillions lottery at the same time? It's on Tuesday evening, it's just as easy to enter, and it's got a massive £11 million jackpot going for it too!

That's right - £11 million in fantastic jackpot winnings, and all it takes to win is five main numbers and two Lucky Stars. Play your cards right (so to speak) and every penny of that giant jackpot could soon be yours - yours to spend on fast cars, big houses, sparkly jewellery, island holidays, or anything else your heart desires. Now that's what we call a winning 2015!

We don't know what your plans are this week, but we've booked out Tuesday and Wednesday in our calendars as winning days - and we're going to be watching each of those balls drop as they hopefully bring one lucky player closer to living their dreams of riches and rewards! Buy your lottery ticket online from today and that winning Lotto player could be you. Good luck!



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