Why Playing The Lotto Offers Better Chances Of Winning Than Gambling

When doing an ‘odds-based’ comparison, traditional casino gambling and lottery seem on a rather level playing field. However, playing the lotto has benefits that casino gambling just can’t match.


It takes a lot of personal discipline to get up and walk away from the slot machine or Blackjack table when the moment arrives, and it always does, and you’ve spent your entire budget.

However, smart people who choose to spend their monthly budget allotment on subscription-based online lottery ticket offers will never spend past their agreed limit.

For those who want to have a chance at a better life and have some discretionary funds to spend, but don’t want to risk spending more than they can afford, purchasing online lottery tickets is the best way to accomplish the goal.

Giant Lottos concierge service allows players to track their spending and keep track of their winnings, meaning that you'll have the tools at your disposal to be a disciplined lotto player.


If you buy online lottery tickets via subscription, you’ll never miss a draw. It’s easy to do this; simply log in to your Giant lottos account, choose your tickets and the number of draws you want to play, and select the option to have your winnings automatically deposited into your bank account.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Giant Lottos supports our players in taking part in lotteries from all around the world at the click of a mouse or the push of a button. We value our customers and strive to offer the most convenient ways to play the lottery.

The Odds:

The knock against lotteries is that the odds are in the million-to-one that you’ll win a major prize, and sometimes they are.

But, the published odds provided by experts on casino gambling websites are based on expert players who never make a mistake, who are never tired or distracted by the other players, and who were once dealers themselves or other casino employees who know how to win -- or at least how to not lose, all their money.

With registered lotteries, the odds of winning are published online by many reputable organizations and those odds don’t vary because of inexperience, human error or distraction.

Also, consider this... Have you ever heard of gamblers consistently winning hundreds of millions of dollars, like with the lotteries.


If you choose to purchase $100 worth of online lottery tickets per month – in the very worst scenario you’ll have spent $100 and won nothing in return.

And also, there is the chance that you’ll win back some of your money, or win another prize.

Some casino games can involve covering the losses you’ve incurred at the table particularly in group play, and you might walk away having spent more than you gained during that time. If you play for millions, you might need to pay millions. And the same holds for those who bet thousands.

On the other hand, the lottery reseller will never require you to present a letter of credit from your bank before you can play. You’re only liable for paying for the tickets.

Lottery-Style Raffles:

These are raffles that operate in a lottery-style and for the same multi-million dollar jackpots! How it works is you choose a ticket with a pre-selected combination of numbers, and the number of shares you would like in that ticket.

These raffles, and specifically the El Gordo Christmas Raffle, have a much larger likelihood of winning a prize because the number of tickets is very limited and often sell out quickly. The El Gordo raffle also famously has the biggest jackpot of any real-money game out there./raffle/el-gordo


While casino odds ensure you won’t win any appreciable monetary reward, online lottery gives you the best bang for your buck.

You are better off spending your entire entertainment budget on many chances to win the lottery vs. spending your budget on gambling.

And, we can take it even further than that!!

Even better are ticket subscriptions like with the El Gordo... They offer the safest and most convenient chance for monetary rewards. El Gordo subscriptions have the best odds of all, and, with none of the downsides associated with traditional casino gambling.

El Gordo 2019 shares go on sale today! Because El Gordo happens only once a year tickets prices escalate from now till the final draw date in December. El Gordo tickets are at their cheapest right now, so get yours before the price increases as the draw gets closer.

Click the image below to get your El Gordo CHRISTMAS shares now!

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