What Would You Do With A Million? Lotto Winners Speak Out!

From the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot to the £66 million UK National Lottery win, it's been a year of huge lotto payouts so far - and if the past fortnight's draws are anything to go by, 2016 looks to be a bumper year for lottery players around the world!

But what would you actually do if you were to win such a life-changing jackpot?

We all love to daydream about the fabulous things we'd buy - houses, cars, clothes, luxury holidays and the like - but if our fantasies of lotto winning actually came true, would we be able to cope with the reality, or would we become overwhelmed by it all?

Lottery Winner Pays It Forward

It's a question that £2.7 million lotto winner, Elaine Thompson, is helping more and more players to answer, having taken it upon herself to guide and advise new winners following their jackpot payouts.

With first-hand knowledge of what it feels like to be a lottery winner, she's uniquely qualified to help.

Elaine Thompson won GBP 2,7 mil

"I cried, then I laughed, then I panicked, what do you do?" says Elaine of her own win. "It took about six months for it to sink in for me. I remember, I went into M&S and I loved their cotton jumpers. And I stood there, about one month after the win, and I’m thinking what colour should I get. Then, all of a sudden, I thought: ‘For God’s sake, Elaine, you’ve got £2 million in the bank. Buy them all.'"

Despite 'splashing out' on a haul of jumpers, Elaine and husband Derek have managed to navigate the pitfalls of lottery winning, keeping themselves busy with a seaside restaurant business, and living modestly in a four-bedroomed home on an estate.

"The win certainly hasn’t changed me as a person", says Elaine, "but it has changed my life, completely".

Next stop, winnings!

Someone else who knows about how life-changing the lottery can be is former bus driver, Sean Lloyd, who only last year managed to revive his family's flagging fortunes with an £1.8 million lotto win.

Sean Lloyd with wife Melanie won GBP 1,8 mil

"We were really struggling at the time", says Sean. "Obviously the wages were low during the first year or so on the buses and I was working 50-60 hours a week, putting in lots of overtime."

However, after picking a penny up off the street and rubbing it on his lotto ticket for good luck, the family's future was changed irrevocably.

"It’s like a surreal moment", remembers Sean. "How do you explain it? I mean, I have been knocked over by a car and that is a surreal moment. You think, am I still here? Am I OK? It’s a bit like that. You think about pinching yourself. You get a few tears along the way."

Today the Lloyds are more at ease with their new-found fortune, having settled into a new home in Cheshire, and still working - albeit with less pressure to pay the bills.

"The most important thing has been I can give the children a good start in life", says Lloyd - and with his responsible financial management, it seems he's been able to do just that.

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