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07 July 2015

Mercedes-Benz Takes Luxury To New Heights

How would you like to fly a Mercedes-Benz? Yes, that’s right, we said fly, not drive. And no, we’re not crazy. That’s because if you’ve always wanted to take to the skies in the signature luxury of the Mercedes-Benz brand, now you can, thanks to a little help from design studio, Mercedes-Benz Style.

These purveyors of premium opulence have been hard at work creating a new standard in aviation – a brand-new VIP jet cabin design with wall-to-wall (or should that be wing-to-wing?) extravagance done the way only Mercedes knows how. Forget traditional airplane layouts – instead think spiral, think contrasting materials, colour, lighting and luxury across every inch of this flying indulgence.

mercedes benz style helicopter

If you’re anything like us, you’re more used to the cramped interior of economy class, complete with tiny tray tables and seats that you have to be crowbarred into in order to fit. Not so with the Mercedes-designed jet cabin interior – a spacious playground for the upper crust, complete with touchscreens, video displays, Mercedes’ unique Magic Sky technology, and floors, walls and ceilings that seem to flow into each other with almost organic precision. It’s a new level of luxury, miles above the rest, and it’s one we look forward to enjoying ourselves – as soon as we win the lottery, that is!

mercedes benz style helicopter interior

Take to the skies with the ultimate in extravagance

Of course if you’re a bigger fan of helicopters than jets, there’s more than enough to catch your eye in the world of VIP choppers – like the Bell 429 executive helicopter, recently outfitted with a brand-new luxury interior by MAG Design Studio, of the Macaer Aviation Group. After three months of intensive work, this ode to opulence was showcased at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva to an impressed audience – and it’s easy to see why.

bell 429 executive helicopter

With four state-of-the-art ergonomic seats, lavishly crafted in white and red, and featuring dual centre consoles in glossy black, this is no ordinary helicopter interior – this is extravagance at its finest. It’s an experience you can personalise to your own lush tastes too, with your choice of colours, fine Italian fabrics and five-star amenities, hand-picked to create a truly unique flying experience.

bell 429 executive helicopter interior

What’s more, the newly designed interior does more than look good – it vastly improves the quality of your helicopter experience too, thanks to MAG’s unique noise-abatement system, which drastically reduces cabin noise to such an extent that normal conversations can be held without the need for headphones. Think about it – complete luxury, and a perfect hairdo from takeoff to landing; no ghastly headphones needed. It’s a win-win!

You’ll also be winning with high-tech interior features such as an internal entertainment system, interactive touchscreen technology for controlling audio and video, a laptop, camera, heat, air-conditioning and tinted windows. You may never want to land again!

We didn’t manage to look at the price tag, mostly because we weren’t keen on passing out, but one thing’s for sure, mega luxury demands mega bucks – just the kind we’re planning on winning when we play tonight’s $96M Mega Millions draw. Keep an eye on the runway – we’ll be taking off for extravagance soon! 



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