Make It Rain : How To Rake In The Lotto Winnings!

Playing the lotto is a huge amount of fun – and if you’re playing with, it’s wonderfully convenient too. No missioning to the shops to buy your tickets, no remembering where you’ve kept them or what your lottery numbers were – just quick and easy purchasing and all your transaction details recorded online for your records.

Let’s face it though – the reason we all play the lotto is because we all want to win the lotto. But how do you go about raking in the lotto winnings, and how do you ensure that life-changing jackpot eventually comes your way?

While it’s true that random number picks have a better chance of winning the lotto, and that the odds of winning are roughly 175,000,000 to 1, there are nevertheless a number of lotto strategies you can employ to increase your lotto winning odds, and hopefully one day bring that multi-million jackpot your way! Take a look at our top lotto winning tips and tricks, and who knows – we could soon be calling you with the fantastic lotto winning news!

1. Start a lottery ticket subscription

We all know the saying, “before you can win the lotto, you have to buy a ticket”. But what if draw time rolls around and you suddenly remember that you’ve completely forgotten to enter? As enthusiastic as you might be, life can often get in the way – which means you’re stuck in front of your computer screen watching the lottery results, knowing all the while you’ve missed out on a potentially rewarding opportunity.

To make sure you never forget a draw, why not sign up for the subscription service – your insurance policy against missed lottery tickets. Simply choose one of our handy subscription services and your tickets will automatically be purchased for you, leaving you more time to decide on just how you’re going to spend your lotto winnings. Because while your odds may be 1 in 175,000,000 of winning the lottery, your odds are 0 if you forget to buy a ticket in the first place.

2. Buy your tickets in bulk

Speaking of subscription services, why not go big or go home with your ticket buys, and make use of our bulk purchasing facility while you’re at it? Buying in bulk with means you’ll automatically qualify for discounts of 10% - 30%, giving you more entries into the lottery draws for less. Order your tickets for anywhere between 5 – 20 draws, and the more you play, the more you’ll save – and the more you’ll potentially win as well!

3. Start a lottery syndicate with friends, family or colleagues

At, we publish lotto winning syndicate stories on a weekly basis – so why not cash in on this lucrative strategy and start a lottery syndicate of your own? Pooling your money is the ideal way to purchase more lottery tickets – and increasing your lottery winning chances at the same time. While you will have to split your winnings with your lottery syndicate, jackpots like £100,000,000 go a long way, and as statistics prove that 1 out of every 4 lotto jackpots is won by a syndicate, you’ll have more chance of winning if you pool your luck and your resources. Sign up your syndicate with and start practicing your “OMG I’m a winner” face today!

Now that you’ve got more than enough lotto winning strategies to get you started, it’s time to get you playing! Simply purchase your lottery tickets online with, choose your lucky numbers, and get ready to go on the spending spree of a lifetime!

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