I Quit! And In The Most Epic Way Possible…

Yesterday we brought you some awesome real-life quitting stories of lottery winners - the good, the better and the best. But then we found ourselves curious. Sure lottery winners can afford to tell their bosses to go jump (not the nice bosses, obviously) but what about the regular Joes like you and me - people who can't afford to burn their bridges if they ever decide they want to leave their jobs?

Most of the time we choose the traditional, professional method, and hand in a neatly typed letter of resignation, giving the appropriate notice period. But every so often there's a joker in the pack who wants to spice things up - or someone who's so fed up with their current job that they don't just burn their bridges - they throw a Molotov cocktail on them and watch them light up the sky with flames. Have a look, and you'll see what we mean…

The "I like working here, but I need to move on and move up" resignation

Why quit quietly behind closed doors when you can do it in full view of everyone - and with a barber shop quartet to help you do the job? This barista chose an all-singing, all-dancing approach to his resignation, and had it televised as well to really help him hit his point home. It's a measure of how successful he was that his bosses weren't only smiling, they were clapping for him along the way. It seems his future plans include opening his own coffee shop - we wonder if there'll be singing and dancing there too?

The "There isn't enough dress-up at the office" resignation

Let's face it, insurance is a dull topic at the best of times - and if you work in insurance, we're sure that's increased by a factor of 10. Which is why when this disgruntled employee decided to finally quit his boring insurance job, he did it with a little flair and a lot of fruit - by delivering his resignation letter dressed as a banana (?) with a mariachi band following behind him. Olé!

The "Look who I got to help me" resignation

Resigning from your job can be an extremely stressful experience - so much so that often we wish someone else could do it for us. Gwen Dean chose to go one step further with her resignation - by appearing in an ad with Hollywood actor John Turturro, and quitting her job live on TV, during the Superbowl. We hope her boss had a drink in his hand during the commercial break.

The "Your company sucks and I'm outta here" resignation

And finally, the one we wish we'd have the guts to do if we were ever in the same situation - make a video telling our boss how much we hate our job, and how we're leaving right here, right now. And also how our dance moves are off the chain.

Of course, if you work in an office that makes viral videos, you may want to bear in mind that your boss can easily make one of his own…

We're not sure if the employee made the right choice in the end, but it sure made for great viewing regardless!

Got any mad, crazy quitting stories of your own? We'd love to hear them! We hope you don't mind if we take notes at the same time…

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