Play The Cash4Life Online - How To Play In The Lottery That Pays You $1,000 Everyday

Why should I play the Cash4Life lottery online?

The Cash4Life is a unique lottery game that offers prizes daily paying out $1,000 everyday as the top prize. Initially only available in the USA, the Cash4Life lottery is now available to players online at Giant Lottos. Register your free Giant Lottos account online and you can play tickets for the Cash4Life lottery and stand a chance at winning $1,000 a day, everyday!

What are the odds of winning the Cash4Life jackpot?

Every day of the week players from around the world enter tickets into the Cash4Life draw hoping to bag the top prize of $1,000 a day for the next 20 years. The odds of winning the Cash4Life jackpot are 1-in-21,846,000

The odds of winning the Cash4Life lottery are better than some of the more well-known lottery games. The odds of winning the lowest Cash4Life prize is 1-13, while the second prize tier winning odds are 1-in-7,282,016 and this prize will bag you $1,000 every week for the next 20 years.

The Cash4Life has reasonably good winning odds when compared to other big American lotteries. The Cash4Life has better odds than the USA Powerball or Mega Millions, but still offers a total jackpot valued in the multi-millions.

Collect prizes every day with the Cash4Life lottery

The Cash4Life offers prizes like no other; lottery game in the world; $1,000 every day in your pocket for the next 20 years! The Cash4Life also has every week $1,000 for the second-tier Cash4Life prize.

The Cash4Life is one of the most unique lotteries in the entire world. It’s one of the best lotteries in the world to play if your dream is to claim a cash prize each and every day. The $1,000 every day top prize is guaranteed to change your life in an instant. Now you get to play and collect the $1,000 prize every day at Giant Lottos.

Is it easy to win the Cash4Life?

The Cash4Life lottery has relatively decent odds of winning when compared to other lotteries, and a very unique jackpot payout. The Cash4Life draw happens seven days a week and each draw offers the same amazing jackpot: $1,000 in your pocket every day for 20 years!

The Cash4Life number range is from 1-60 and players must choose 4 numbers from that range. There is also a single Bonus Number from a range of 1-4 that players must choose. This is the best odds for any bonus number of any lottery in the world. To win the Cash4Life jackpot players must match all four main numbers and the one bonus ball number.

Is The Cash4Life The Best Lottery?

The Cash4Life is the best lottery to play if you are looking for daily cash payouts instead of single lump sum prizes. You can still claim the Cash4Life jackpot as a lump sum, but most of the Cash4Life jackpot winners choose to collect $1,000 every day and secure their financial freedom.
The starting Cash4Life jackpot is $1,000 every day for 20 years, which totals around $7 million in total. There is no rollover because every Cash4Life draw promises a winner that will take home the $1,000 a day every day prize!

The Cash4Life is the best lottery to play if you are looking for every day payouts instead of a lump sum payment. The jackpots are still valued in the multi-millions, but they are paid out in $1,000 payments every day.

Simple Tips To Help You Win Cash4Life Lottery

Every player that enters their Cash4Life tickets hopes to walk away with the big jackpot prize, and will do anything they can to increase their winning odds. Below are some easy-to-use tricks that will help you to increase your chances at winning the Cash4Life lottery.

Big number spreads win big prizes! When you pick your lucky numbers always make sure you have the broadest possible spread. Play high and low numbers, make sure you always use as much of the numbers as possible.

Don’t Use Your Calendar. Another very common strategy that you should avoid is using calendar dates as lucky numbers. Birthday’s, anniversaries or holidays, whatever day they fall on will never be higher than 31.

Playing online is the future. Billions of dollars are won every year by people who play their favorite lottery games online. Never worry about missing a draw or losing your ticket again. And you get to play in lotteries that are not available in the local shops; collect those multi-million American lottery jackpots now!

Speak to a lottery expert today. Want to speak to someone that knows the lottery like the back of their hand? Request a call back from a Giant Lottos lottery expert and they’ll call you back free of charge to start discussing your winning strategy.

Cash4Life Jackpot And All Prize Winning Odds

The Cash4Life lottery is one of the only lotteries in the world that offer their winners payouts every single day. This makes it one of the most popular lotteries on our platform, with players from around the world playing for the $1,000 a-day jackpot every day of the week.

You need to match all five lucky numbers to win the Cash4Life jackpot prize, but matching four or less numbers can still net you massive prizes! See below for a full breakdown of the biggest Cash4Life prize tiers, their winning odds and how many numbers you must match to win the prize.

Win any of the below Cash4Life prize tiers playing online

6 Numbers 1 in 622,614,000
5 Numbers 1 in 1,250,000
4 Numbers 1 in 11,900
3 Numbers 1 in 327

What is the Cash4Life jackpot cap?

The Cash4Life lottery has no jackpot cap and the same $1,000 everyday payout jackpot prize is up for grabs every draw. There are Cash4Life draws seven days a week where players stand a chance at winning the same jackpot.

What is the biggest ever Cash4Life jackpot?

The Cash4Life jackpot is a $1,000 payout everyday for the next 20 years, or a $1,000 weekly payout for the second biggest prize. There are no Cash4Life jackpot rollovers, so the jackpot is valued the same for every Cash4Life draw of the week.

Cash4Life jackpots are won by players around the world every single day.

How do I play the Cash4Life lottery online?

Anyone that has registered a free online lottery account can play the Cash4Life lottery online. Simple complete the easy registration process at Giant Lottos and you will be able to play in the Cash4Life, as well as a wide variety of other big lottery games.

Just follow the below instructions and you can start playing Cash4Life today.

Choose how many Cash4Life tickets you would like to play in the upcoming draw

Each player must decide how many tickets they would like to play in the next Cash4Life draw. There are 3, 5, 10 and 20 ticket combinations available. Remember that the more Cash4Life tickets you play per draw, the bigger your chances are of winning the jackpot!

There is a three ticket minimum when purchasing Cash4Life tickets. There is a Cash4Life draw every day of the week at 4am GMT.

Pick your lucky Cash4Life numbers on each ticket

Each Cash4Life ticket has five main lucky numbers and one additional bonus ball number. Players must pick these numbers using the manual selection option or using the Giant Lottos SUPA-QP to pick your numbers for you.

The number range for the main Cash4Life lucky numbers is from 1-60, while the bonus ball number range is from 1-4. The more lucky numbers you match for each Cash4Life ticket, the bigger your prize will be!

Complete your payment and wait for the upcoming Cash4Life draw!

After choosing how many tickets to play and picking all your lucky numbers, you’re ready to finalise your Cash4Life purchase and get entered into the next draw. Just click the ‘Checkout Now” button and all of your tickets will be moved to the Shopping Cart section where you can then finalise the payment.

In the Shopping Cart you will find all your tickets, and after you have completed payment, will be entered into the upcoming Cash4Life draw.

How To Check The Cash4Life Draw Times And Results Online

All of the Cash4Life results are available online shortly after the official draw has happened. There are Cash4Life draws every day of the week at 4am GMT, with results being published shortly after.

You will also receive an email confirming your Cash4Life results and winnings for every ticket played.

Players can also find all the historic Cash4Life results from the dedicated results page. These results date back to the first Cash4Life draws hosted at Giant Lottos.

There are also Cash4Life results available on the Cash4Life ticket page.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what time do the Cash4Life ticket sales close?

Ticket sales for the Cash4Life draw close shortly before the actual draw. The Cash4Life draw happens every day of the week at 4am GMT with ticket sales closing 15 minutes before the draw.

How many numbers must I match to win the Cash4Life?

To win the Cash4Life jackpot players must match all five lucky numbers and the one additional bonus number. If you match less lucky numbers you can still win big Cash4Life prizes.

How easy is it to win the Cash4Life?

Winning the Cash4Life is much easier than some of the other biggest lotteries in the world. The odds of winning the Cash4Life jackpot is 1-in-21,846,000 which are better odds than lotteries like the USA Powerball or Mega Millions.

Can I play the Cash4Life from outside the USA?

You can play the Cash4Life online at Giant Lottos from your home country, you do not need to live in the USA. You can also collect the official Cash4Life prizes from your home country.

How much does a Cash4Life ticket cost?

It costs £4.99 for one Cash4Life ticket. There is a three ticket minimum when playing Cash4Life online. You can also play multiple Cash4Life tickets across various draws on different days.

How will I know if I win the Cash4Life lottery?

Players who win a Cash4Life prize will receive an email that notifies of their win and the payout amount, and their payouts will be automatically deposited into their online account. You can then move your winnings from your online account to your personal bank account.

Is it easy to win the Cash4Life jackpot?

The odds of winning the Cash4Life jackpot is 1-in-21,846,000, which are much better odds when compared to other big American lottery games. The odds of winning the second-tier Cash4Life prize is 1-in-7,282,000.

What do I win in Cash4Life if I match 2 numbers?

Matching two or three numbers could win you one of the lowest tier prizes in the Cash4Life. The value of these prizes will depend on how you play, i.e single or syndicate play, and if you have matched the bonus number too.

Is the Cash4Life the best lotto to play?

If you want a lottery that gives you a payout everyday if you win the jackpot then the Cash4Life is the perfect lottery for you. Winners in the Cash4Life collect $1,000 each day or weekly depending on which prize tier you claim.

Play Cash4Life Lottery Online Here

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