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21 September 2017

The Difference Between Giant Lottos And LottoLand

Recently the Gibraltar-based online betting service has come under fire from local news agents, who have launched a campaign to shut-down their digital competitor who they say is threatening their livelihood.

But what does this mean for similar online lotto platforms?

First off, you might be asking yourself; “does Giant Lottos operate in the same way as Lottoland?” And quite simply put, the answer is a resounding NO.

One of the biggest criticisms leveled against LottoLand is that thanks to their service the revenue of many local lotteries has dipped significantly, and with this decline in traditional lotto revenue there have been charities from around Australia also feeling the crunch. This is because charities from around the world rely on donations derived from lottery ticket sales.

And herein lies the striking difference between LottoLand and Giant Lottos

LottoLand doesn’t actually purchase any lottery tickets, but rather they operate as a betting service which takes bets on the outcome of the lottery without actually buying tickets.

Giant Lottos is NOT a betting service, but rather a concierge service that buys tickets on behalf of our players. As a player of Giant Lottos you are paying us a premium to go out and buy a physical ticket, scan it (available for certain draws), store it, and redeem winnings thereafter in our legal capacity to do so. So in this capacity Giant Lottos does enter you into the draw, and any percentage of the ticket sale that would go toward a charity is still directed toward the charity.

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The payout procedure with Giant Lottos and LottoLand is starkly different

Giant Lottos purchases official lottery tickets from official lottery draws, and in turn pays out and and all winnings according to the official lottery slips. On the other hand, because LottoLand doesn’t actually buy any lottery tickets they rely on a third-party insurer to pay out their winnings.

Is there a limit to what these insurance companies will payout? What is the procedure followed by LottoLand to claim their players winnings? Because LottoLand are not particularly transparent regarding these issues, we have no sure answer.

Prize tier payouts at LottoLand aren’t entirely transparent

Each lottery draw has different prize tiers based upon the amount of numbers you pick correctly. The different prize tiers at Giant Lottos are always consistent with that of the official lottery that you are buying tickets for.

However, the prize tiers at LottoLand very seldom correspond with those of the official lotteries that their players are betting on.

LottoLand ticket prices depend on the jackpot amount.

Something else to note about LottoLand is that the price you’ll pay to bet will depend on the jackpot amount. At LottoLand you’ll always be asked to pay more if the jackpot is bigger, whereas at Giant Lottos our ticket prices are always consistent, and are guaranteed to never be based upon the jackpot amount.

If there's anything else you would like to ask regarding how Giant Lottos does business please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


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