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17 August 2015

Beat The Monday Blues With The Ultimate In Post-Work Drinks

Mondays are universally known as the worst day of the week - the come down from the high of a weekend well spent, and an unceremonious shove back into the daily grind. It's no wonder there are endless songs about how awful Mondays are, and how the majority of workplaces require a doctor's note if employees take sick leave on a Monday. Because most people wouldn't think twice about calling in sick and burrowing back under the covers.

Of course, if you're part of the world's uber-rich, we imagine Mondays wouldn’t hold the same fear and dread as they do for the working classes. Either you have so much money that you actually don't need to work, or you can swan in any time you like, and then take a fabulously long boozy lunch to waste most of the afternoon. And then there are the after-work drinks to look forward to as well; in this case not just any old pint of beer or glass of warm box wine - oh no, rare vintages, highly priced blends, and the rich aroma of a finely crafted cigar to complement it.

We can't do anything about Mondays (more's the pity) but we can recommend some fabulously extravagant post-work drinks to take the edge off. Make sure you win the lottery first though, because at these prices, you'll need some extra cash in your pocket to take care of the bill:

Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 2000 - $2,000

As one of the world's top champagne houses, we're sure you've heard of Krug. What you may not have heard of is its Clos d’Ambonnay 2000, an exclusive vintage harvested on 29 September 2000, and now bottled for your rare pleasure. Priced at $2,000 a bottle, and with only 5,000 in existence, the Clos d’Ambonnay 2000 is an exquisite blend of aromas as diverse as caramel and spice, with a sweet aftertaste of pastry cream, caramel, and a lemon finish. If that doesn't help make Monday delicious, we don't know what will!

krug champagne

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep - $150

If you're more into bourbon than bubbly, try this rare blend on for size - the limited edition Master's Keep from Wild Turkey, the oldest bourbon ever to be sold in the USA. Aged for an unprecedented 17 years, Master's Keep is known for its completely unique, signature flavour, displaying smooth undertones of caramel and vanilla. Hand over the bottle price of $150, and you'll be treated to a cask strength of 86.8% proof - enough to blow your hair back and then some. Nothing like a glass of the good stuff to help the memories of Monday fade away and ease you into the rest of the week ahead!  

Wild Turkey

Quesada Cigars - $14.95 each

Put together an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, an 18-year-old Dominican Criollo binder and a selection of Dominican San Vicente filler tobaccos, and you have a new, limited edition offering from Quesada Cigars - the Quesada Reserva Privada, no less. Savour the soft, rounded, medium flavour of this world-class cigar, priced at $14.95 for the 6½ × 56 toro gordo, and you have the ideal way to relax after a long day, and leave your worries behind.

Quesada Cigars

Liking Mondays a little more? You'll like them a whole lot more once you win the lottery and can live every day like a member of the elite! Buy your tickets today and who knows - this time next week you could be kicking back with some of the world's finest drinks and a cigar, finding out first-hand how the other half lives! Let us know in the comments section below what your favourite post-work drink and hangout spot is. Any places you can recommend?

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