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03 September 2015

Baby You Can Drive My (Wildly Expensive) Celebrity Car

As much as we all dream of getting from A to B in a sleek, powerful sports car or luxury vehicle, the fact is that the closest most of us will ever get from a Beetle to a Bentley is a test drive one Saturday afternoon.

That is, unless you're a lotto winner of course. The minute those millions hit your bank account, you'll be able to go off to the car dealership with a briefcase of money in tow, ready to hit the road in style just like these car-crazy celebs:

Kim Kardashian

Seems like reality TV does more than make you ultra-famous - it gives you the cash to splash on a must-have vehicle like the Ferrari F430 - a dream of a vehicle worth $186,925. With monthly payments of $3,800 though, we can't imagine she has too much time to drive it - she's probably too busy earning the money to pay for it.

Kim Kardashian

P. Diddy

P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs - we can't keep up anymore. And it seems that his son can't keep up with him either, which is perhaps why the world-famous rapper bought him a $360,000 Maybach for his 16th birthday - as well as a driver to chauffeur him around until he passed his driver's test. We wonder, if P. Diddy adopts us, will he also buy us a fabulously expensive car?

P. Diddy

David Beckham

Looks like David Beckham has a bit of posh on the road as well as at home - if his custom-made Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead is anything to go by. Brand-new, this powerful monster of a car has a price tag of $407,000 - but after all of Beckham's customisations, who knows what it's worth? Something we do know is that after all his years of professional football, he can more than afford it.  

David Beckham

Simon Cowell

If anyone's made a career out of being mean, it's Simon Cowell, whose cutting reality show remarks have earned him a fortune over the years. So much so that this X-Factor and American Idols judge recently splashed out on an oh-so-extravagant Bugatti Veyron, at a massive $1,700,000! With a top speed of 267mph, it's perfect for a fast getaway, particularly if any disgruntled contestants come after him!

Simon Cowell


Not to be outdone, Bryan Williams (better known as Birdman) also purchased a Buggati Veyron for himself, although a more expensive model than Simon Cowell's. At $2 million it's not just one of the priciest cars on the road, it's one of the fastest as well - which is probably why Birdman can't resist taking Bugatti selfies every chance he gets. #thuglife



Of course even with all the expensive cars on this list already, Jay-Z has to come in and put everyone to shame - with a vehicle worth an unbelievable $8 million! And this isn't just any vehicle either - this is the Maybach Exelero, a car that looks more like the Batmobile than anything else. If it turns out that Jay-Z has an underground lair, an English butler and a utility belt, we wouldn't be surprised - he seems to own literally everything else that money can possibly buy.

Jay Z


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