Lottery Players Are Amazed By This Ad For The Spanish Christmas Raffle

It's that time of the year when the El Gordo raffle rolls around, and people can't stop talking about this amazing advert for the Spanish Christmas raffle.

Directed by Academy Award winning director Alejandro Amenábar, the latest feature for the Christmas Raffle is more of a short film than a normal TV advert. Danielle tells the story of a female alien who meets a man while buying Christmas raffle tickets.

This unique take on the Spanish Christmas raffle has both film fanatics and lottery players excited because of the adverts stunning visuals and moving story that all focuses around the magic of the Christmas raffle.

We won't spoil too much more, but you can check Danielle for yourself below. You can also get your hands on El Gordo tickets just below the video.

Secure your discounted shares here for the upcoming El Gordo raffle before the price goes up at the end of this week. Play for prizes from the £2 billion prize pool now!

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