Nearly 1,400 Lotto Players All Picked The Number 2 And Have Won 3.4 Million

Not many lotto players are aware of this, but matching just a single number in some lottery games can net you a prize. This is exactly what more than 1,400 lottery players learned over the weekend when all of them picked the number 2 and managed to win a $3.4 million jackpot prize.

Read below and learn which lotteries available at Giant Lottos will give you a prize by matching either two or just a single lucky number.

A state lottery in South Carolina is going to be having a very busy week processing more than 1,400 payouts from splitting a $3.4 million jackpot after the number combination 2-2-2-2 was drawn. Dozens of winners were lined up outside the lottery providers offices to collect their prizes on Monday morning.

The draw took place on Saturday night and it didn't take long for those working at the South Carolina Lottery to realise that this draw had a enormous amount of winners. In fact, this draw has already broken numerous records for most winners and most winners paid out when choosing the same lucky numbers.

The prizes range from $2,500 to $40,000, and one player walking away with $80,000 after he played the number combination a total of 16 times. When asked my they chose the particular number combination for the draw, the explanations ranged from they have been playing the numbers for years and some even said they had a premonition telling them to play the numbers.

Did you know that Giant Lottos have a range of different lottery games that will net you a prize by only matching a single or two lucky numbers.

Here is a list of lottery games you can play online right now, and win prizes by matching only a single or two lucky numbers.

USA Powerball - Prize by matching only the Powerball number

EuroMillions - Prize for matching two numbers

Mega Millions - Prize for matching only the Mega number

SuperEnaLotto - Prizes for matching two numbers

France Loto - Prizes for matching two numbers

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