10 Things You Could Buy Today If You Won The Powerball

In the past Powerball jackpots have shot up to $1.6 billion (January, 2017) and there’s the chance the Powerball grand prize may surpass even January’s stupendous prize total. Talk is, $2 billion jackpots are on the horizon.

Aside from informing your boss that you no longer require his or her time and changing your sleep schedule, you may have need of a few items considered de rigueur for people of discriminating taste.

ONE: Every self-respecting multi-millionaire needs a trusty steed for those times that you simply must sip a martini from a comfortable seat at your favorite beach viewpoint. Perhaps a Rolls Royce or something Italian, like a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Yes, that’ll do nicely. Hey! Why not one for each member of the family?

TWO: Of course, you’ll be jetting away, so don’t forget to order your business jet! Remember, all these business jets are custom order so be prepared to sit down for a few days to choose out your colours, fabrics, styles, and exterior paint schemes. Like Art Deco? No problem! Maybe you prefer French Provincial décor? ‘It’ll be our pleasure to make that happen for you.’ Perhaps you’d like ultra-modern with a bit of a James Bond theme. Your jet interior designers are just waiting for you, and they want you to ‘go for it’. Rock your world!

THREE: As a proud business jet owner, you need an island. Don’t forget that long, narrow islands are the best simply because business jets need approx. one mile for take-off or landings. L-shaped islands are great for that! Plus, you can park your jet within easy view of your sundeck. The fastest and arguably best private jet in the world today is the Gulfstream 650 which you can pick up for a mere $65 million each. Bonus, it also boasts the longest range of all business jets. ‘I’m sooo glad I played the online lotto!’


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FOUR: You’ll need a hobby. Some people spend the entire year flying from fashion show to fashion show and seeing the sights in each city. Rome, Paris, New York, Milan, London, Tokyo. Some of the characters in the fashion world are bizarre, fascinating, or utterly down-to-Earth people. It’s an entire world within a world. Other lotto millionaires follow the airshow circuit and specialize in civilian or military aircraft, depending on their taste in aircraft. Farnborough, UK, Paris International Airshow, Florida International Air Show -- EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, Wisconsin has the biggest airshow in the United States -- Bournemouth Air Festival, Dorset, England and Tannkosh in Tannheim, Germany. (That’s just the shortlist) You can even fly-in to the event, put your plane in the static display area, and make some new aviation friends. Or, you could indulge yourself by visiting every scenic spa hotel or resort on the planet. Oh yes, pamper me!

FIVE: By all means, buy an ice-cream company. That way, you’ll be able to choose (and sample) all of the new flavors your company will consider. Companies like Breyer’s, Häagen-Dazs and others were once micro-companies that made it big due to generous ownership. They’re now multi-billion dollar companies. Think of it! Designing and tasting new flavors of ice cream, and making millions in profits at the same time. It’s so you!

SIX: Get a different makeover each month. Why not? You want to be every best version of yourself, just go with it. Plan for two days in Hollywood each month. They have the best sushi there anyway.

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SEVEN: Find a tailor that makes you look your best! My goodness, you’re a millionaire. Look the part. After taking all your measurements, simply give them all your addresses, and they’ll automatically forward each wardrobe piece to your various homes – island wear for your island home, business wear for your corporate home, and outdoor wear for your home in Patagonia.

EIGHT: Choose a charity to support. Big charities get lots of donations from corporations and wealthy donors. So much better for you to choose a small, but respectable charity, where you are important to them and they know your voice when you call. You matter to them! It’s such a good feeling to help out, and so nice to be remembered by those hard-working volunteers and employees. Feeling warm and fuzzy is good for your health.

NINE: Get yourself in People Magazine! Yes, multi-millionaires can get invited to gala events (charity events are the best) where you can shake hands with the likes of Sly Stallone, Ariana Grande, or Miley Cyrus, in exchange for a generous donation to a good cause. There you are, in People Magazine with your favorite celebrity!

TEN: Get a thermos of your favorite hot coffee, or bring a bottle of champagne and some appropriate glasses, while you have a helicopter fly you and your friends to a nearby mountain peak to watch the sun rise. Bring some warm blankets and your comfy beach chairs, and toast your good fortune as you watch the sun rise over the mountains.

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