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15 December 2014

Your Weekend Uk Lotto Draws - So Much Still To Play For

If you played the UK National Lottery this past weekend, you'll already know what the lottery results were, but it's worth going over them again. It may feel a little like rubbing it in, but actually this is us giving the lottery results three cheers (or should that be ho ho ho?) as Saturday's draw result saw the jackpot rolling over again for the fourth consecutive time!

That's right, the massive Lotto jackpot of £11.2 million went unclaimed this past Saturday as no players were able to match the six numbers needed to take home the top prize. The numbers that could have spelled victory for one lucky person were 18, 30, 33, 34, 38 and 48, with a Bonus Ball 36, but sadly no-one was cheering as they made an appearance. What that means is that the Lotto jackpot will now roll over one last time, to an even bigger £14.7 million - and because the National Lottery rules state that the jackpot cannot roll over more than four times, that means the jackpot HAS to be won this coming Wednesday!

What that means is fabulous winning news for you with a guaranteed jackpot that must be won - there's no rolling away from the players now! If the six lucky numbers go unmatched, the prize will simply roll down to the next tier, and be shared amongst the players lucky enough to have matched five numbers and the Bonus Ball. If no players are found on the second tier, then the prize will roll down to the third, and so on. All of which means that Wednesday could see not one, but many millionaires being made, all in the space of one evening!

While no-one was able to lay claim to the giant jackpot, there were still a number of players who walked away with smiles, thanks to the prizes on the lower tiers. And when we say a number, we mean 259,311 to be exact, ranging in value from £25 for the 246,405 players who got a match with three numbers, all the way up to a not-so-shabby £115,297 that four lucky players were able to take home thanks to matching five numbers and the Bonus Ball.

So it's not all doom and gloom - plenty of UK National Lottery players will be able to enjoy a merry Christmas thanks to Lady Luck and a little windfall from Saturday's flutter. But of course the main prize, the cherry on top, the jewel in the crown is that £14.7 million jackpot that's managed to elude everyone for three straight draws now. It's been taunting all of us, staying just outside our grasp - but finally on Wednesday 17 December, its rollover streak will come to an end.

If you want to be the one to finally pin it down, and take home the best Christmas bonus EVER, you know what you have to do - you have to buy a lottery ticket online from and get in the draw before time runs out! You have a few days left and you have everything to play for, so buy your lottery ticket online today and look forward to giving your family their most rewarding Christmas season yet!



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