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24 April 2015


We don't know about you, but when we finally win the lotto and jet off on our once-in-lifetime exotic island vacation, there's one thing we're looking forward to more than anything, and that's travelling first-class.

Up until now, all we've experienced is the cramped sardines-in-a-tin feeling of economy - scratchy seats, crying children and all, but as soon as that lotto jackpot hits our bank accounts, we're moving on up to where the seats become beds, the bubbly is free, and there's enough room to lie back without bashing into the guy behind you. Ah, the first-class lotto life - it's what we dream of!

That said, as we've been travelling economy our whole lives, we have no idea what first-class on an airplane even looks like, let alone feels like - which is why we did some research into some of the airlines' top passenger offerings. So when you play the lotto with and hit the jackpot, you'll know exactly what you have to look forward to:

Air France “La Première”

Ooh la la - Air France's first class (or premiere) cabin is what we've been waiting for! Think 24-inch TV, gourmet food, a seat that reclines back a full 180 degrees, and an actual table to place all your belongings on. Now that's luxury we can get used to!

giant lottos Air France La Premiere 

Lufthansa First Class

No to be outdone, Lufthansa has some pretty impressive first class tricks up its sleeve as well. For starters, you'll enjoy a selection of the world's best wines paired with exclusive caviar, directly after take-off - a departure treat we'll be sure to demand from all airlines in future! Don't fill up on the starters though - you'll need room for the mouthwatering meal to follow, painstakingly prepared by a team of the world's best chefs. If you need to lie down afterwards and digest, you can do so on your seat, which doubles as a bed, and watch your very own flatscreen TV at the same time. This is the life!

giant lottos Lufthansa First Class

Singapore Airlines Suites Class

With an actual full-size bed for each first-class passenger, Singapore Airlines doesn't mess around! A flight in one of these cabins means the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, which you'll realise as you sip on your complimentary Dom Perignon. And don't worry about wasting precious time choosing your gourmet meal - just "Book the Cook" before you fly and select your meal before takeoff from a selection of hundreds of delectable dishes. We're booking our ticket as we speak.

giant lottos Singapore Airlines Suites Class

Emirates A380 First Class

Of course, nobody does it better than Emirates. That's because this is no ordinary first-class - this is ultra-class, complete with your very own private suite (including closing door), a minibar and a bathroom with a shower - so you'll be able to disembark looking fresh as a daisy. And no matter what time hunger strikes, you'll be able to order a meal 24/7, prepared to the highest standards. We wouldn't be surprised if they were hiding a few Michelin stars in their kitchen - and we fully intend on stowing away too, the first chance we get!

giant lottos Emirates A380 First Class

Buy your lottery tickets online with

We don't know about you, but we're a heartbeat away from booking a seat on one of these luxury flights! All that's stopping us is the price of a ticket - but if you're a lotto jackpot winner, you'll soon find out that money is no object.

So if travelling in style is at the top of your bucket list, we suggest you start crossing it off as soon as possible. Buy your lotto ticket online from today and get ready to put your first class seat back and tray table in the upright position!


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