Here's How You Could Win The $321 Million Powerball Jackpot

The USA Powerball is currently boasting a bumper jackpot of a whopping $321 million, and has been rolling over for more than a month. Want to know how you can improve your chances at winning this life-changing sum of money?

The new year has kicked off with a massive Powerball jackpot, and stops where tickets are available are already experiencing long queues of players lining up to buy tickets, even though the draw is still two days away.

The Powerball might be a well-known American lottery game, but that doesn't mean you can't buy real Powerball tickets from your own home country and stand a chance at winning the $321 million jackpot this weekend.

Giant Lottos players have the chance to buy real Powerball tickets online through our dedicated USA Powerball lottery page. And to help you on the road to riches, below are a few simple tips you can use to improve your odds at hitting the jackpot!

  • Spread your numbers. This means that you should pick numbers from the entire number range, the USA Powerball has a number range from 1 - 69.
  • Don't use calendar dates. Because a calendar only numbers from 1 - 31, you are effectively halving your chances at winning but not using the other half of the Powerball number range.
  • Don't pick past winning numbers. Although logically there is no reason that a certain number combination can't win the jackpot twice, it has never happened before.
  • Use a few 'hot numbers'. These are numbers that have not appeared in more than five draws and statistically speaking are due to be included in the follow up number combinations.

The Powerball draw is scheduled to take place this Saturday, so hurry and get your real Powerball tickets online from Giant Lottos and get into the running for the incredible $321 million jackpot!

If you haven't played online lotto before, simply register your free online Giant Lottos account, load funds into your account and choose which of the international lottery games you would like to play!

Now you can play and win in all your favourite global lotto games!

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