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25 February 2015


It's always exciting to find out what recent lottery winners plan on spending their jackpot money on - and over the years we've noticed that the top two purchases most often tend to be a new house, followed by a new car. And we can't blame them either - the first thing we'd do with our lottery winnings would also be to upgrade our lives to complete and total luxury!

But after the mansion has been furnished and the supercars locked away in the garage, what's next on the list? Why, a beach holiday of course! That's right - holidays abroad come in at a solid #3 on the list of "what lottery winners spend their winnings on", and more often than not, that holiday tends to be somewhere warm, somewhere sunny, and somewhere with sand, waves and cocktails on tap!

So if you've bought your lottery ticket from and are wondering what to spend your millions on, and where to take your fortune, why not give these exotic beach destinations a bash? Because when money's no object, there's a whole lot more fun to be had!

Wakaya Club & Spa, Fiji

wakaya club and spa fiji

Jim Carrey spent most of The Truman Show trying to get to Fiji, and here's why! No ordinary beach club, the Wakaya Club & Spa is a private resort, surrounded by coral reefs, sparkling lagoons and breathtaking scenery. Take your pick of any of the ten waterfront villas on offer and you'll have upwards of 1,650 square feet to relax in, as well as activities like golf, water sports or even rejuvenating spa treatments to enjoy - if you can pick yourself up off the luxuriously comfortable bed first, that is.

Fowl Cay Luxury Caribbean Resort, The Bahamas

fowl cay caribbean resort bahamas

If you thought 'beach holiday' and didn't think 'the Bahamas', you may be in a very small minority. The Bahamas are almost exclusively synonymous with exotic vacations, thanks to their clear turquoise waters and pristine white sand - and if you're at the extravagant Fowl Cay Luxury Resort, you'll be able to enjoy the finest in water sports too. That's because each of the six opulent villas comes with its own powerboat - yours for exploring, racing, relaxing or simply staring at and thinking "this is the life".

Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa, Brazil

uxua casa hotel and spa brazil

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary on your holiday? Then why not try capoeira on the beaches of Brazil! Set on the shores of the Trancoso beaches on the coast of Brazil, the Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa plays host to ten lavish villas where not only can you enjoy world-class water sports, but unique capoeira training too. Known colloquially as dance fighting, capoeira is a form of martial arts native to Brazil, and is as beautiful to watch as it is exciting to perform. Nothing like going on holiday and coming home with a whole new skill!

Hermitage Bay, Antigua

Hermitage Bay Resort antigua

Topping the list of the world's most extravagant beach holidays is the ultra-luxurious Hermitage Bay resort on the island of Antigua, in the West Indies. With 17 hillside bungalows, 8 beach bungalows and spectacular scenery all round, it's one of the most beautiful places in the world to unwind in. And whether you choose to relax on the beach, in the private pool, or with the other guests at this fabulously exclusive resort, you're guaranteed to make memories to last a lifetime.

Got your bags packed for an island holiday like no other? You'll need to get there first - which you can start doing simply by buying a lottery ticket online from Choose your lottery, choose your numbers, then get your seat back in the upright position and wait for the millions of jackpot winnings to pour into your bank account!




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