If you bought a ticket for any of our weekend lottery draws, we're sure you were glued to your laptop or tablet, waiting to see what fate had in store for you. Some of our featured lotteries paid out, some didn't, but one thing's for sure - they delivered massive excitement all round!

No jackpot winners but plenty of smiles in the US Powerball

Let's start with the one that had most people on the edge of their seats - the US Powerball! Saturday's draw saw a gigantic $380 million up for grabs, with, we're sure, just as many people waiting to see if it paid out. Spoiler alert: the numbers came and went but the Powerball jackpot went untouched. You know what that means - yet another rollover, and yet another massive win on the cards for the midweek draw. If you're up for playing on Wednesday evening, you're up for a phenomenal win, as the Powerball jackpot now stands at a gargantuan $450 million - the fifth largest in US history! Definitely worth playing for, and definitely worth forming a syndicate for too!

powerball jackpot 11 feb

It wasn't all doom and gloom at the Powerball draw though - at least eleven tickets were sold worth $1 million. Which just goes to show, even if you don't hit the big one, there are more than enough ways to become a millionaire with the US Powerball!

Three times a charm for the UK National Lottery

A double rollover meant triple the winnings in the UK Lotto this weekend. That's because after seeing the jackpot roll over twice, three lucky lottery players were able to match all six main numbers for a three-way split of the £7.8 million grand prize.

Their impressive win marks the first time all six numbers have been matched since the Saturday draw on 10 January - so it was fitting that more than one player was able to share in the top prize. But it wasn't just the top tier winners who were celebrating after the draw - in fact a full 356,856 prizes were given away as well. From £26,633 for matching five main numbers to £25 for three numbers, there was more than enough to smile about in the UK this weekend.

EuroMillions players didn't fare quite as well, with the jackpot rolling over yet again to an estimated £16 million for Tuesday night's draw. Want to get in with an even bigger chance of winning the pot? Then a lottery syndicate just might be your golden ticket - as statistics prove that lottery syndicates tend to win one out of every four jackpots. Get your friends together for pot luck and jackpot luck could soon be coming your way this Tuesday!

Of course as we all know, it's Valentine's Day this weekend, and what better way to spoil your loved one than with a gigantic jackpot win! So spread the love this February at, and buy your lottery ticket today. Who knows - you and one of our jackpots could soon be a match made in lottery heaven!

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