Why You Should Play The France Loto Online

It's been a week since the France Loto launched on Giant Lottos and tickets have been moving fast! In case you missed the action on it's release, we're going to go over a few core reasons why you should play the France Loto online now!

The France Loto is one of the oldest lottery games in Europe, having been first organised by King Francis who introduced the game to France in 1505. Since then it has gone on to award more than 200 winners multi-million jackpot prizes.

Below are some more reasons as to why you should be playing the France Loto online at Giant Lottos today:

  • Smaller Number Range. Because of it's smaller number range in relation to other lottery games, the France Loto gives you better odds at winning a prize. The main number pool ranges from 1 - 49 and the bonus number pool is from 1 - 10
  • Payouts on a Single Number Match. This is something else you won't easily find from other lotteries, but with the France Loto you can win a prize by matching only one of the lucky numbers!
  • Friday the 13th is the Best Day to Play France Loto! While you'd normally think that Friday the 13th could be the worst day to play the lottery, the biggest ever France Loto jackpot was won on this day! This means that there are often specials and big jackpots for the France Loto every Friday the 13th.
  • Three Chances A Week To Become A Millionaire. Where most other big international lotteries only a one or two draws a week, the France Loto has three draws every week. That's three chances to play France Loto online and become a multi-millionaire!
  • Fantastic Winning Odds. The France Loto has an incredible 1-in-16 chance of winning a prize, much better winning odds than bigger, more well know international lottery games.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your France Loto tickets online today and play for multi-million jackpots that you can collect from anywhere in the world!

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Play France Loto Online Now

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