Anyone who's ever paid a visit to a circus or a carnival has dreamed of running away with the troupe at some point. The glitz, the glamor, the sparkly costumes - it's every kid's idea of heaven! Now, however, thanks to a massive multi-million lotto win, the tables have been turned - because instead of running away to the circus, a pair of carnival workers are now running full speed towards a life of luxury!

Trailer living? We're done!

Most people dream of winning the lottery and retiring, but for Canadian carnival workers, Richard Bourgeois and Michelle Wishard, that dream is now a living, breathing reality. And it's all thanks to a huge $7 million windfall that recently came their way, courtesy of the Canadian Lotto 649.

Like most lottery winners, the pair were disbelieving of their good fortune at first. "I said 'holy sh*t we got all six numbers. I'm still shocked", reveals Richard. Now that the news has sunk in though, they're more than ready to put their winnings to good use. And their first order of business? Moving house!

As employees of West Coast Amusements, the largest traveling midway carnival in Western Canada, Richard and Michelle hang their hats at a travel trailer - but not for long. That's because this now upwardly mobile pair are moving out as soon as they're able, to a piece of land and a permanent place to call home. "Just something small - don't have to be a half a million dollars, even a double-wide trailer that's brand new is good enough for me", says Richard.

And once they've settled in, they'll be moving again - this time only temporarily though, as they'll be using part of their winnings to take a well-deserved vacation, destination still to be decided upon. Apart from moving out and moving up in the world, the best part of their win is the financial security it brings with it - something the pair have been working towards for a long time. Now however, they'll be able to retire not just early but comfortably as well, and enjoy every last minute of it.

"I don't have to worry about anything for the rest of my life," says Richard. "I'm going to relax." Instead, the couple are wisely going to let a financial advisor do their worrying for them, while they put their feet up and unwind. After years in a tough, demanding industry, they certainly deserve it!


Run off with your own Canadian Lottery jackpot

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