Why Do Celebrities Choose To Play The SuperEnaLotto?

Would you believe that some of Hollywood’s biggest stars prefer playing the Italian SuperEnaLotto as opposed to their own American Powerball and Mega Millions online lotteries? Let’s take a look at some of the American celebrities who are fans of the super, huge SuperEnaLotto!

Paris Hilton buys 1,500 SuperEnaLotto tickets

Paris Hilton play superenalotto

Paris Hilton is the great-grand daughter of multimillionaire hotel tycoon Barron Hilton. Despite being the heiress of a worldwide hotel empire, Hilton also starred in the reality show “The Simple Life”. I guess that qualifies her as a celebrity. In 2008, Paris Hilton was spotted buying 1500 SuperEnaLotto tickets for the €30.7 Million jackpot on offer at the time. You would think she would have enough money, right?

Hilton has stated that she likes the SuperEnaLotto due to it’s prize structure and says that if she hits the jackpot, she will donate 10% of the win to charity.

Elizabeth Hurley buys 500 SuperEnaLotto tickets

Elizabeth Hurley play superenalotto

British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley bought 500 tickets for the SuperEnaLotto in 2010 when the jackpot was worth €117 Million. Hurley stated that if she won the SuperEnaLotto jackpot then she planned to donate a large portion of her winnings to support those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

Madonna buys 100 SuperEnaLotto tickets and wins!

Madonna play superenalotto

American pop queen Madonna plays the SuperEnaLotto regularly, not just to win, but also to support the lottery organisers. Madonna’s Italian roots definitely add to her love for the SuperEnaLotto. The superstar purchased 100 SuperEnaLotto tickets during her 2012 world tour and although she didn’t hit the jackpot, she did win the second category prize winning € 120,000. Madonna used her winnings to build a school in an impoverished part of Malawi in Southern Africa.

George Clooney buys 1000 SuperEnaLotto tickets

George Clooney play superenalotto

Hollywood megastar George Clooney follows in the footsteps of actress Elizabeth Hurley by playing the €117 million SuperEnaLotto in 2010 hoping to win a prize to help out the victims of the earthquake disaster in Haiti.

So why are celebrities obsessed with the SuperEnaLotto?

It’s a simple answer really, the stars play to win the jackpot, to help good causes and also to improve their image amongst their fans. The celebs that play are not interested in winning the runner-up prizes, nope, they’re chasing the jackpot. The stars buy hundreds of tickets at a time to increase their chances of being a jackpot winner! There’s other reasons as well which make the SuperEnaLotto a favourite amongst celebrities including:

  1. Ticket price - SuperEnaLotto tickets are half the price of the American lottery tickets. Cheaper tickets allow them to buy more entries than the American draws would and thus increase their chances of landing the jackpot.
  2. Jackpot Odds - Your chance of winning the SuperEnaLotto jackpot are six times better than the USA Powerball and over 5 times better than the USA Mega Millions.
  3. Tax - The SuperEnaLotto jackpot is paid as a lump sum minus the 6% owed as tax. This is much less than the USA Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots where a 25% federal tax is applied in addition to the state tax (varies from state to state).

You don’t need to be in the United States or Italy to get tickets for these draws. Simply log onto GiantLottos and you can get tickets for both countries’ draws. The MegaMillions currently has it’s biggest jackpot of 2016, $187 Million! The SuperEnaLotto is hot on its heels with an amazing €84 jackpot. Make sure you’ve got your tickets for both of those giant draws!

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