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15 June 2018

Who Owns The UK National Lottery?

The UK National lottery is currently one of the biggest national lotteries out there, regularly attracting players from around the world who play for the multi-million pound jackpots. But who owns the UK National Lottery?

The UK National Lottery creates an estimated 8 million every week, among those are usually six millionaires weekly! If you break that down that's £67 billion in prizes and more than 5,000 multi-millionaires made thanks to the UK National Lottery.

And the UK National Lottery doesn't only award players with big jackpot prizes, but also donates a substantial amount of money to various charities across the United Kingdom. It is estimated that around £30 million is donated every week to charity each week. 

Camelot is the operator of the UK National Lottery. 

Since 1994 the UK National Lottery franchise has been run by Camelot, an independent consortium who operate the hardware, software and expertise involved with the sale of tickets and awarding of prizes across the United Kingdom. 

Camelot have retained the UK National Lottery license since 1994, winning individual bids to keep the license on four separate occasions. Camelot have also made various changes to ticket prices, altered prize and number ranges and also increased the amount donated to charity since winning the license in 1994.

Camelot have been operating the UK National Lottery for 24 years.

As a business Camelot have taken the UK National Lottery from strength-to-strength, more than doubling the profits over the last ten years. The company also acquired operations of the Irish National Lottery in 2014.

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