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04 March 2015


The EuroMillions Superdraw is rolling into town on Friday 6 March 2015, and with it, the chance to win a whopping €100 million jackpot! As the first Superdraw of 2015, this lottery event promises to be an exhilarating one, watched and participated in by fans not just in Europe but around the world as well!

If you haven't bought your tickets for this momentous occasion yet, there's still time! Just get your tickets for Friday's draw quickly and easily from No stress, no hassle, just all your lucky numbers in a row, ready and waiting to be pulled on Friday evening for lottery fame and glory.

Once you've bought your lottery tickets online though, it's time to give a thought as to what you'd do with all those winnings. €100 million is a very sizable chunk of change (one that we've been mentally spending since the first 2015 Superdraw announcement), and if you were to win it, we can't wait to see what you'd spend it on!

Perhaps you'd go for the big three - the house, the car and the overseas holiday that most lottery winners spoil themselves with, in that order, directly after taking home the jackpot. Or perhaps you'd prefer something a little more lavish, a little more out there, a little more "I just won the lottery and if I want to buy my dog a solid gold bed, I can!" We don't know exactly what you'd spend your €100 million on, but if we were to scoop the huge Superdraw jackpot, we'd definitely go for one of these:

French chateau - €21 million

french chateau2

You would think that a French chateau would be vastly expensive, but in fact the priciest one we were able to find has a very reasonable price tag of just €21 million. Yes, €21 million is slightly out of most people's price ranges, but if you've just taken home a massive €100 million jackpot, it's cheap at the price. Built in 1179, our top chateau pick can be found in the French region of Limousin, and boasts 20 rooms, as well as its own lake and equestrian facilities. Worth every cent we'd say.

Private jet - €20 million

Gulfstream G450

If you're going to have your own chateau in France, you simply must have your own private jet to get there, darling. Flying commercial is so 2014. No, what you need is your very own Gulfstream G450, a steal at just €20,549,785. This state-of-the-art flying machine will take you and 15 of your nearest and dearest anywhere you wish to go - and with nearly €60 million still in your pocket after buying your castle and jet, the world's your oyster.

Lionel Messi - €20 million

lionel messi

If the thought of owning your own chateau and private jet isn't really blowing your hair back, how about owning your own professional footballer instead? With €100 million to your name, you'd be able to seduce even the biggest names over to your side - like Lionel Messi, for instance, whose current contract is worth a staggering €20 million. Not to you though - with €100 million in your back pocket, a mere €20 million is just a drop in the ocean. Just promise Messi a pay rise, and we're sure you'd be able to get him to come and play with you and the kids in the park on a Saturday morning. Just watch out for him and the professional fouls. You know what those footballers are like.

The EuroMillions Superdraw is only taking place on Friday, so between now and then you've still got time to think about what you'd do with your €100 million jackpot. But whether you take our (frankly, awesome) suggestions on how to spend your winnings, or come up with some ideas of your own, you'll still need to buy a lottery ticket first - which you can do at Just make sure you've got your entry into the draw before it takes place on Friday evening, and you could soon be strutting your stuff across the floors of your very own French chateau (or jet, or football field). On your marks, get set, go! 




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