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13 June 2018

What Is A Progressive Jackpot?

Most lotto players play for one thing; that big multi-million jackpot! But most players might not have heard about a progressive jackpot, read everything you need to know about progressive jackpots below.


We at Giant Lottos offer our players jackpots from the world's biggest lotteries, but how are these jackpots calculated. Many of the jackpots up for grabs are not won if there is no player to match all of the lucky numbers, but instead of staying the same the jackpot will "rollover" and get even bigger in the next draw!

Rollover jackpots are popular with online casino and slot machine games, but the real life-changing jackpot amounts are when the lotto jackpots start rolling over to hundreds of millions of dollars! 

A progressive jackpot is when is grand prize gets bigger every time it is not won.

Progressive jackpots usually start out as what is known "guaranteed minimum jackpot" which is regularly in the multi-million dollar or pound range. Keep in mind that it is only the jackpot that follows the progressive jackpot rollover, while the secondary prizes will stay the same even if they are not won.

A record progressive jackpot is the $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot which rolled over nearly 20 times before it was won by three lucky players. Certain lotteries, like the EuroMillions, will rollover until it reaches it's "jackpot cap", where the jackpot will stay until it is won.

All the biggest lotteries at Giant Lottos have progressive jackpots.

When playing at Giant we keep you well informed through our mailers and social media when the biggest progressive jackpots are up for grabs. We'll make sure you in the know about the biggest jackpots while there is still enough time to get your hands on tickets for the upcoming draw.


The Mega Millions jackpot is one of the largest in the US! Get your tickets for the upcoming draw below.


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A lottery syndicate is a great way to improve your winning odds without costing you more money. See what lottery syndicates are about right here.

Take your lotto game to the next level with these helpful lottery winning tips.

Players can check their lottery results from past draws on our dedicated lottery results page.

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