Welsh Lotto Winner Draws Up Wish List

With all the time we spend daydreaming about winning the lotto, we've already got our wish list sorted. Beach house, the latest Ferrari, and a trip round the world - and those are just for starters!

Whether you play the lotto or not, it's something we all do - spend endless hours fantasising about what we would do with £30 million, how we would spend it, where we would spend it, who we would share it with. And when you buy your lottery ticket, you know it's only a matter of time before those dreams of endless riches could become a reality.

That’s exactly what happened for lucky Welsh lotto player, Clive Osborne, from Beddau, near Pontypridd, who will soon be able to bring his wish list to life thanks to a £1,564,628 win on the UK National Lottery!

UK National Lottery turns carer into winner

After having played the same lotto numbers for years (a tried and tested strategy!) Clive's lottery loyalty finally paid out to the tune of over a million, when his combination came up in Saturday's draw. A full-time carer for his elderly 80-year-old parents, most would agree that Clive is more than deserving of large helping of good fortune - and it seems that Lady Luck agreed too!

uk lottery winner clive osborne

While Clive has a number of plans for his new-found winnings, he's waiting for the shock of his jackpot to wear off first. “I was totally shocked when I realised that I’d won, I haven’t slept for days", says Wales's latest millionaire. “My parents thought I was joking and didn’t believe me until the winners advisor from Camelot came to confirm my winnings.

“The news hasn’t really sunk in yet, so I haven’t had a chance to decide what I’ll spend my money on but one thing this money will give me is the freedom to travel around Asia – I would love to visit India and Thailand. I have travelled a bit in the past but now I’m looking forward to seeing more of the world.”

As for the rest of his dream lotto wish list, Clive is looking forward to splashing out on a state-of-the-art camera and a new tablet computer, both of which will come in handy as he pursues his passion for amateur photography.

But it's not just Clive's lotto wish list that's being turned into a reality - he's encouraged his family to work on theirs as well, so that their dreams can also come true. “It’s great to be able to treat people to something special and everyone is working on their lists at the moment”, says the generous winner.

“There is a bottle of champagne in the fridge but we haven’t celebrated the win just yet, I want to wait until the money is in my account and I know it’s real.” We can assure you that it's absolutely real Clive. Now go out and spoil yourself - you've earned it!

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