Weekly Lottery Roundup - The Best Lotto Stories, Latest Results And Winners

Welcome to the weekly lottery roundup where we go over the week's top lotto stories such as winners, results and other news.

Our weekly lottery roundups are published weekly in order to keep players in the know when its comes to the world of lottery winners, prizes and anything else lotto related.

Weekly Lottery News Roundup

The Hunt For The £11 Million EuroMillions Winner - Somewhere in the UK a lucky EuroMillions player has bagged an big payday, and they might not even know it yet!

Big USA Powerball Changes Are Coming - Two big changes are coming to the USA Powerball, and they mean bigger jackpots and more chances to win them.

Aussie Dad Bags $80 Million After Losing His Job - Read about how a Aussie dad won the third-largest lottery payout in Australian history only a few days after losing his job.

Which Chinese Zodiac Is The Luckiest? - Everyday scores of lottery players look to the Chinese Zodiac for help with playing the lottery and picking their lucky numbers. See which Chinese Zodiac is the luckiest.

Retired Toronto Mechanic Wins $4.4 Million Jackpot - Read about how after years of playing the lottery a lucky Toronto retiree finally claimed his big jackpot payday.

Weekly Lottery Results Roundup

If you bought any lottery tickets in the past and want to check the draw results then you're at the perfect place. Below are the historic results for all of our biggest lottery games. Click any of the below links and then simply navigate to the date you wish to check the lottery results for.

USA Powerball Weekly Lottery Results Roundup

Mega Millions Weekly Lottery Results Roundup

EuroMillions Weekly Lottery Results Roundup

SuperEnaLotto Weekly Lottery Results Roundup

UK National Lottery Weekly Lottery Results Roundup

Weekly Lottery Winners Roundup

What would the lottery be without it's winners? Every week millions of lucky players collect lottery winnings, from a few quid all the way up to multi-million jackpot payouts. Below are some of this week's biggest winners, and which lottery they claimed their prizes from.

Pravin J - USA Powerball

Dhuvan R - USA Powerball

Stephan C - Cash4Life

Petrus VW - EuroMillions

Louis S - SuperEnaLotto

This brings us to the end of another weekly lottery roundup update. Check back next week for all the week's biggest lottery winners, the latest lottery results and all of the hottest lottery related stories.

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