Weekly Lottery Roundup - The Best Lotto Stories, Latest Results And Winners

Welcome to another weekly lottery roundup where we take a look at what's been going on in the lottery world this week.

Every week Giant Lottos publishes a weekly lottery roundup which covers the week's most popular lottery stories, the week's biggest lottery winners and all the week's latest lottery results.

Weekly Lottery News Roundup

How Vaccine Lotteries Are Paying Out Millions - A select few states in the US are holding 'vaccine lotteries' where recently vaccinated people are automatically being entered into lotteries where they stand a chance at winning big jackpots.

How Maths Can Get You Better Winning Odds - Read all about how mathematic principles like the Law of Averages can get you better winning odds when playing the lottery. All of the methods in this article have been tried and tested to prove that winning the lottery is all about getting the right numbers.

USA Powerball $285 Million Jackpot Won - One of the biggest USA Powerball jackpots of the year has been won by a single ticket holder. Read about how this lucky winner bagged a multi-million payout and what they plan on doing with their newfound fortune.

Ticket Accident Loses Woman $26 Million Jackpot - A lady from the US has claimed to have won a $26 million jackpot, but there's only one problem: she accidentally destroyed her ticket. Read about how she tried to claim the prize without a winning ticket and how you can prevent losing your winning tickets.

Lotto Winner Now Has Permanent Grin - Read about how a lucky jackpot winner from the United Kingdom hasn't been able to stop smiling since she bagged a jackpot win. See why exactly she can't stop smiling and what she plans on doing with her winnings.

Weekly Lottery Results Roundup

Did you buy any lottery tickets this week? Below is this week's lottery results roundup for all of our biggest lottery games. Click below to view the weekly lottery results roundup for the individual lottery games. Check back next week for all of the upcoming lottery draw's results.

USA Powerball Weekly Results Roundup

Mega Millions Weekly Results Roundup

EuroMillions Weekly Results Roundup

SuperEnaLotto Weekly Results Roundup

UK National Lottery Weekly Results Roundup

Weekly Lottery Winners Roundup

Each week millions are won by players from around the world in different lottery games. Below are a list of players who are this week's biggest lottery winners and which lotteries they won. Check back next week for another weekly lottery winners roundup.

Bhuvan S - SuperEnaLotto

Paul D - SuperEnaLotto

Joseph S - Mega Millions

Solomon W - USA Powerball

Prashesh V - UK National Lottery

And that's it for this week. Make sure to check back with us next week for another weekly lottery news roundup. We'll be taking a look at the week's biggest winners, the juiciest lotto news stories and all of the week's latest lottery results.


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