Weekly Lottery Roundup - The Best Lotto Stories, Latest Results And Winners

Welcome to another weekly lottery roundup where we break down the week's biggest lottery winners, the latest lottery results and important news from the lottery world.

Our weekly lottery roundup helps you keep track of the latest happenings from the international lottery world. Don't have time to keep with latest lottery news? Check our weekly lottery roundup in the Giant Lottos blog section every week and get all the news in one place.

Weekly Lottery News Roundup

The UK's Biggest Lotto Winners - Read all about the UK's richest jackpot winners, how much they won and how their winnings changed their lives. The list includes which lotteries won them their millions, and how you can play the same lotteries online.

Play Multi Lotto Draws - One of the easiest ways to win the lottery is by playing in multi lotto ticket bundles. These bundles include multiple tickets played across different lottery games giving you the chance to play for and win MUCH bigger combined jackpot payouts.

How To Play All Draw Bonanza - The All Draw Bonanza bundle is our biggest ticket bundle which comes with 23 tickets played across 11 of our richest lotteries. This bundle boasts the biggest combined jackpot, with the total payout often exceeding $500 million!

How To Play Euro Millionaires - The Euro Millionaires bundle comes with 13 tickets played across four of Europe's richest and most popular lottery games. Play the Euro Millionaires bundle and get in the running for Europe's biggest jackpots in a single, easy purchase.

Weekly Lottery Results Roundup

Check the weekly lottery results roundup to see all of the week's winning lottery numbers. To check the lottery results for a specific date just navigate to the individual lottery's results page and input the date you want to check the results on.

Just click below to check the results for this week's richest lottery draws. Check our weekly lottery roundups for more the weeks top lottery results.

USA Powerball Weekly Results Roundup

Mega Millions Weekly Results Roundup

EuroMillions Weekly Results Roundup

SuperEnaLotto Weekly Results Roundup

UK National Lottery Weekly Results Roundup

Weekly Lottery Winners Roundup

What would the lottery be without the winners? Every week millions upon millions are claimed by lottery players from around the world, below are some of the territories with the week's biggest lottery winners and which lottery games are responsible for the most payouts.

Namibia - USA Powerball, France Loto

South Africa - USA Powerball

New Zealand - SuperEnaLotto

Canada - EuroMillions

Kenya - EuroMillions

Check back every week for our weekly lottery roundup covering the latest lottery news stories, the week's biggest winners and all of the top lottery results.

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