How You Can Win The Lottery In New York

Is Sullivan County, New York, the luckiest place on earth? It may well be, because in recent months it's produced not one, but two massive Mega Millions winners! And when we say massive, we're not talking about a lotto win of $10 million, fantastic as that may be. We're talking over $100 million in jackpot winnings - twice!

Elderly lotto winner takes home colossal $326 million jackpot

You may remember the first lucky lotto winning story of Sullivan County - the story of Harold Diamond from Wurtsboro. Earlier this year we reported on Harold's stunning win, when he hit the lotto jackpot in a gigantic way by claiming the entire $326 Mega Millions prize!

lottery winner harold diamond

No-one was more surprised than this retired school principal, especially as his ticket was bought on the spur of the moment, while waiting out a rainstorm over lunch. A lucky hunch it turned out to be, as Harold and his wife made headlines when they came forward to claim the biggest prize in New York Lottery history. At the age of 80, Harold made the decision not to wait for his lotto annuity payouts, and instead took his prize as one lump sum, netting a colossal $130 million in cash after taxes.

When we first brought you Harold's story, he was planning on using his fortune to take his wife Carol to Hawaii, to help his family, and to give back to the local community. We hope that Harold's million-dollar wishes have come true since then, and that's he's truly enjoying a golden retirement!

Massive $126 million lotto jackpot finds a home with local real estate broker

One would think that after such a massive $326 million win, things in New York would have calmed down for a bit. But it seems that Sullivan County had other ideas! At least that's what Tammy Pratt of South Fallsburg found, when she scooped a $126 million Mega Millions jackpot to become the region's second massive lotto winner!

lottery winner tammy pratt

After reading about Harold's huge lucky number win on the Mega Millions in December, Tammy decided to follow his lucky lotto example by buying more than one ticket for her favourite Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries. Since Harold revealed he had bought ten tickets, Tammy approached her lotto buy in the same way, by purchasing four Mega Millions tickets and a Powerball. It turned out to be a lucky strategy beyond Tammy's wildest dreams, winning her the entire $126 million jackpot in the 27 February draw.

“I saw that the person who won the ticket was from my town so I got very excited and I ran to my husband and said the person who won the lottery was from our town,” Tammy explains. “I looked to where I bought the ticket and said, ‘it’s probably me’.”

Still following Harold's example, Tammy has also chosen to take her winnings as one lump sum, meaning that her bank account can soon look forward to a giant $54 million cash deposit! As for what she plans to do with her lotto windfall, Tammy is still considering her options, but knows that her family and her future will feature prominently.

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The next Mega Millions draw is taking place tonight, and there's a huge $51 million up for grabs. Buy your lottery tickets online in time, and you could soon be following in Harold and Tammy's winning lotto footsteps!

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