Want To Win Big? Check Out These Lucky Powerball Winners

When it comes to big lotteries, no-one does them better than the United States. And if you want to play one of the biggest, it would have to be the USA Powerball - a national lottery that puts many others to shame.

But with odds of winning the jackpot sitting at 1 in 175 million, does anyone ever walk away with the ultimate prize? Actually it might surprise you to find that the answer to that is a big fat YES! Not only are your chances of winning any kind of Powerball prize a hugely doable 1 in 31.85, your chances of hitting the jackpot are excellent too, as the long list of Powerball prize winners will attest to. And when we talk about jackpots, we don't mean $1 million here and there - instead, we mean gigantic, colossal, nine-digit jackpots, the kind we spend hours dreaming about, but never really believe could be ours.

Of course, that's what these lottery winners thought too - until they managed to find the lucky number combinations that took them straight from normal everyday life to living in the lap of luxury!

$564 million jackpot gets split three ways

February 2015 was no ordinary month in lottery land - instead it was the month when not one, but three tickets shared in one of the biggest Powerball jackpots in recent history. Reports immediately surfaced of the lucky winners being traced to North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico - and indeed, the North Carolina winner, Marie Holmes, soon came forward to claim her prize of $118 million that would go a long way towards providing for her four children.

A stroke of luck nets $590.5 million

Gloria Mackenzie was overwhelmed when she claimed the $590.5 million Powerball jackpot in May 2013 - more so because it came to her through a stroke of good luck. Marie remembers it clearly: "While in line at Publix, another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead ... in line to purchase the winning quick-pick ticket". Now that's what we call a good deed!

Gloria MacKenzie

How $10 won a share of $587.5 million

In November 2012, lucky winner Matthew Good spent just $10 on his lottery ticket, despite the cashier trying to convince him to spend more. Turns out that $10 was all it took, as that ticket turned out to be a winner, netting Matthew a share of the massive $587.5 million jackpot! While Matthew tried to remain anonymous to keep his win out of public record, lottery laws in his state meant that his details were eventually released to the public. Good thing too - because we're going to try that $10 strategy out for ourselves!

If you're feeling a little Powerball hungry after those winning tales, there's no time like the present to fill up on lottery winnings! The mid-week lottos are in play, and the weekend draws are on their way! So get ready for a multi-million avalanche of winnings!

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