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08 December 2014

USA Powerball Winner Dreams Big

Let's dream big for a moment. What if you bought a lottery ticket on a whim on an otherwise normal grocery shop - and then when the lottery results came in, found out that you'd won a massive $90 000 000? Or £57 751 541? Or €73 412 457? (Same lotto jackpot, different currency.)

What would you buy first with your lottery winnings? A fleet of sports cars? A castle in Germany? A movie star mansion in Miami? For $90 000 000 you might be able to buy your own sports team. Or a private island like Richard Branson. Or maybe even buy a small country and declare yourself king or queen! Stranger things have happened.

But perhaps the strangest thing about this $90 000 000 jackpot is that it's completely real - and that the winner isn't going to run off and buy the last bad restaurant she ate at so she can fire everybody. No, she's going to do what any rational person would do - use it to travel, use it to buy a decent car, and use it to live in peace without the worry of bills hanging over her.

Meet Lisa Quam - the latest winner of the USA Powerball jackpot, a mammoth prize that paid out a whopping $90 000 000 to this lucky Seattle winner over Thanksgiving Day weekend. Getting a winning lottery result is spectacularly lucky in and of itself - but what's even luckier is that Lisa made the choice to play at all. Describing herself as a "special occasions" player, Lisa admits to rarely having played the lotto before - and confesses that this was her first time ever playing the Powerball. Talk about lucky!



One chance encounter, one giant lotto jackpot!

Rushing into her grocery store on a break from Thanksgiving cooking, Lisa picked up a few essentials, and was convinced by the cashier to buy two Powerball tickets on the way out. "The cashier was really nice and asked if we wanted to purchase Powerball. I said, 'Sure!' I had never purchased a Powerball ticket before.”

Cut to the night of the Powerball lottery results, and Lisa felt as if she was living in a dream. "I yelled to my family, 'Get up here!' They all thought I was mad and angry about something. My daughter asked, 'Is this an emergency?' and I said, 'Yes!'" Definitely the kind of emergency we'd want happening to us!

Rather than buying the North Pole and declaring herself Santa, Lisa has decided instead to quit her job, as has her husband, so that the two can travel. Their plans also extend to buying a Subaru Forrester, and after that eye-wateringly luxurious purchase, they'll decide what to do with the rest of the money. The couple's first decision, however, is whether or not to take their jackpot in 30 annual payments, as a once-off lump sum. If they choose the latter, they'll take home a not insubstantial $56.8 million in lottery winnings! More than enough to buy a Subaru Forrester. Or two.

While Lisa's husband describes the win as "just dumb luck", chance or not there's only one way to truly win any lottery jackpot, and that's by playing! At, you'll have 17 chances every week to hit the jackpot on a variety of international lotteries - more than enough chances for you to walk away a winner like Lisa. From the UK Lottery to the Powerball, Euromillions and more, one ticket is all it takes to turn those numbers on the jackpot into numbers in your bank account. So play today's massive USA MegaMillions and you could soon be deciding what to spend your $90 000 000 on tomorrow!


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